Monthly Archive: May 2018

May 30

Urban Myths about E-Cigarettes and Vaping

It’s been more than a decade since e cigarettes were first introduced to the world by Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik. Since then, they have become increasingly popular, widely available and fashionable. Yet, they are still often at the center of controversy. c Electronic cigarettes, e-cigs, vaporizers, and smokeless cigarettes are all part of the revolutionary …

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May 29

Rocketship – Non-Profit Education

Teaching is an indispensable profession that too often goes overlooked or under-appreciated. In reality, teachers are at the forefront of our country’s education. Parents support learning and schools may guide curriculum, but it is the teachers themselves that carry out the lesson plans on a daily basis, engage with their students to ensure acquisition and …

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May 23

Big Red Rooster Sleep Training Alarm Clock

Having a child that is learning to wake up on a schedule can be a tough job for mom and dad. Thanks to the Big Red Rooster Sleep Training Alarm Clock it helps mom and dad teach their little ones to wake up using an alarm clock! Why didn’t we have these when my kids were …

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May 21

5 Tips for finding a good dog walker

Your dog is not just a pet but also a member of your family so you want to make sure that they are in good hands. It can be a little challenging to find someone you can trust to watch out and take care of your furry friend especially if you are away.  It is …

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May 14

5 Tips to clipping your dog’s nails

It is neither safe nor healthy to let your dog’s nails overgrow. Grooming salons are quite costly and for many dog owners, clipping their dog’s nails is not an easy task. Overgrown nails are likely to affect your dog’s movement, making it difficult for them to walk. It is, however, possible to clip your dog’s …

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May 07

5 tips for making your mattress last longer

Purchasing a mattress ranks up there with visiting your dentist or acquiring a used automobile in matters of how not amusing it is. Nobody wants to buy a new mattress. While the majority of leading brand mattresses both memory foam mattress and coil mattresses are made such that they wear out rather fast, and get …

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