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3-Piece Chef Series Flexible Turner Spatulas

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3-Piece Chef Series Flexible Turner Spatulas are ideal to have in your kitchen! You can use them for cookies and much more! They are a must-have!

3-Piece Chef Series Flexible Turner Spatulas

di Oro Living offers some great items to make your time in the kitchen easier. One of the items they offer is the 3-Piece Chef Series Flexible Turner Spatulas. I am excited to tell you about them here on OMG Goodies.

My Thoughts about 3-Piece Chef Series Flexible Turner Spatulas:

Let’s talk about spatulas. “Spatulas?” you may ask. “Why would we want to talk about spatulas?”
Well, I have some things to say about them, especially the Chef Series Flexible Turner Spatulas by di Oro Living.

First, it has been extremely hard for me to find spatulas that work well with the types of things I cook. I am a baker (a self-proclaimed baker, but still a baker) and need turners for the many different goodies I make. I also cook for myself and for others when they are in my home. My spatulas get used when I make grilled sandwiches, hamburgers, pancakes, and many other types of foods, sadly, the ones I’ve had are not up to par. One might work for taking cookies off the cookie sheet or barely flipping the sandwich or the hamburger, but none of the spatulas I’ve had would flip a pancake right. Until now…

When I came across the Chef Series Flexible Turner Spatulas 3-Piece, I fell in love, but when I used these products I knew cooking and baking would be a breeze from now on.

Now, this package comes with three different pieces:


  • The standard spatula measures 11.8 inches (30cm) long with a blade of 4.5 inches by 3 inches (11.4cm by 7.6cm).
  • The long spatula measures 14.2 inches (36cm) long with a blade of 6.75 inches by 10.1 cm).
  • The round spatula measures 12.2 inches (31cm) long with a blade of 5 inches by 6 inches (12.7 cm by 15.2 cm).

I absolutely adore these turners. They are perfect for whatever I decide to make. The standard is perfect for small productions such as cookies and other baked goods, whereas the long spatula is perfect for flipping grilled sandwiches and hamburgers, and finally, the round spatula — those delicious pancakes everyone tends to crave every once in a while, would flip perfectly.

Where to buy:

To purchase the 3-Piece Chef Series Flexible Turner Spatulas, visit Amazon for the great price of $27.97! Just click the image link below and it will take you right to the Amazon page!

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