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3 Reasons you should unlock your iPhone 5 today

One thing you will quickly realize after purchasing your iPhone 5 is that it locks you to specific carriers. Well, this arrangement is meant to serve Apple and the carrier company. How? You may wonder! Well, it’s simple. Under this arrangement, the carrier company gets to lock you to their services, protecting their bottom-lines. On its part, Apple benefits since it gets to sell more iPhones by allowing consumers to buy their devices through monthly payments. While these services are designed to appear great to the consumer, you will quickly realize that you are stuck with the services of a provider that you do not like. Maybe their network connectivity is poor, or their service quality is too low for your liking. For your peace of mind, here are 3 reasons to get your iPhone 5s unlocked today!

3 Reasons you should unlock your iPhone 5 today


  1. It gives you flexibility when traveling abroad

The iPhone 5 doesn’t come cheap. Now imagine having to leave it behind and purchasing a new phone in case you want to travel abroad. Quite unfortunate, right? That’s what happens when your iPhone is locked to one service provider. It prevents you from buying a local sim card in the country that you travel to for convenience purposes. That’s why it makes sense to have your device unlocked. This way, you get to save the money you would have spent purchasing a new mobile phone during your travels. In addition, you can effortlessly use roaming services even when in your locality with an unlocked iPhone 5.


  1. You increase the value of your iPhone 5

Apple constantly releases new iPhones and as an iPhone fan, you will want to upgrade.  That’s because new iPhone upgrades come with better features that make your Apple experience even better. But therein lies the question, what do you do with your old iPhones. They are of no value lying around the house, right? Of course the best option would be sell. Unfortunately, a locked iPhone is not worth much, especially in the online marketplace. To increase the value of your iPhone 5, it’s best to unlock it. You will surprised to learn that unlocking it increases its value by as much as $200. That’s quite a huge jump in value, just for opening your iPhone 5 to other carriers, outside of the one Apple chose for you.


  1. You get carrier freedom

Every network service provider out there has its set of challenges. That’s why it doesn’t make sense to tie yourself to one. For instance, while your carrier may have good connectivity in your locality, you may realize that it has very poor services in another part of the country. This can seriously inconvenience you. By choosing to unlock your iPhone 5, you have the freedom to choose whichever service provider has good services in whatever area you move to. Other than service quality, you also have the freedom to take advantage of the sales offers that different carriers have from time-to-time. Isn’t it great to save a few dollars every now and then through carrier freedom?

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