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3 Things to look for when looking for a woman-centered doctor

Woman-centered medical care is something not a lot of health clinics employ. Basically, a woman-centered approach in medicine considers the women’s decisions in choosing what kind of care to receive and how it is administered. It empowers them to make their own choices with regards to their health. And it also considers factors such as their values, religion, traditions, and personal choices.

3 Things to look for when looking for a woman-centered doctor

Woman-centered facilities like the V Institute in Melbourne, ensure that there is a mutual understanding between the doctors and patients. For instance, in woman-centered childbirth, the mother is laid out options on how she wants to be taken care of. Whether she wants to deliver at home with a midwife, or in a hospital, or so on. She also gets to choose whether she wants someone with her during birthing, or whether she will eat or drink during labor. These choices are not without proper guidance and education, of course, which is why it’s important to have a doctor who is truly concerned about your well being and respects your choices. If you’re looking for a woman-centered doctor to consult too about your medical matters, here are 3 things you should consider:


  1. You want a doctor you’re comfortable with

An initial appointment with a physician will already give you the feeling if you’re a good match for each other. If you’re visiting a woman-centered facility, you already know you’re not just looking for someone to check up on you once. You’re looking at someone to build a relationship with. Interacting with your doctor is a very personal relationship. You will be asked a lot of things about yourself, your family, and your lifestyle. All in order to give you the best medical care. And of course this interaction goes both ways, you have to speak up and be comfortable enough to share this information with your physician. Woman-centered doctors try extra hard to make their patients feel comfortable. And they try their best to explain everything in an understandable manner.


  1. You want a doctor who doesn’t judge

Given that you would be sharing not just your medical history with your doctor, but also more personal details like your values, religion, and more intimate matters, it’s important to find someone who doesn’t judge. Part of being comfortable with your doctor is being able to speak candidly about your private health history, and even topics normally considered taboo like alcoholism, cigarette smoking, or recreational drug use. Admitting those things shouldn’t get you in trouble, and your doctor should make you aware of that. But of course, you should be honest about all pertinent health information so that you can be diagnosed correctly.


  1. You want a doctor who listens and cares

Especially if you’re looking for a primary care woman-centered doctor, it’s important to know that they actually care. It’s one thing to know what your care options are for a specific health procedure. And it’s another to be fully informed about what your decisions entail, the risks, impacts, and expected side effects should all be discussed by your doctor. It’s not just about giving you a choice but making sure your choices are well guided and informed ones.

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