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Four Flashback games from the 90’s from Goliath Games


Check out these Four Flashback games from the 90’s from Goliath Games that you will love to share with friends.Bring the 90’s back to your life!

4 Flashback games from the 90's from Goliath Games

Goliath Games has outdone themselves with the new 90’s Flashback game exclusively at Target! I am excited to tell you about it here on OMG Goodies.

My Thoughts about the Four Flashback games from the 90’s from Goliath Games –

Family game nights in our home are a budget-friendly pastime we do regularly. This time we took our gameplay to Pressman’s The Oregon Trail, Where in the World is Carmen San Diego, Legends of the Hidden Temple, and Saved by the Bell.

The Oregon Trail

The first game we tried was The Oregon Trail. It’s a card game based on the classic computer game we all played in elementary school and is intended for 2-6 players ages 12+. This game was simple to understand and play. Since this is a card game the board is always changing and players work together to survive.The Oregon Trail is an enjoyable game to play.

Legends of the Hidden Temple

The second game we tried was Legends of the Hidden Temple. It’s a game based on a Nickelodeon show intended for 4-12 players ages 12+. It wasn’t one our favorites but was still fun. The gameplay was simple and you compete against one another. The questions at the end play are narrowed to only one per card, some questions have no relevance to the statement being read and the challenge with dice is extremely loud (frightful to the pups).

Legends of the Hidden Temple is a game we most likely won’t play again.

Where in the World is Carmen San Diego

The third game we played was Where in the World is Carmen San Diego. It too is a game based on the classic computer game intended for 2-4 players ages 8+. After a bit of reading, the gameplay is easy to understand. The cute passports for note-taking were very helpful and we even used the music theme from the instructions as part of our gameplay. Because this is a card-based game, the board always changes as well as the outcome. We really enjoyed this Where in the World is Carmen San Diego game and this process of elimination game is now a family favorite.

Saved by the Bell

The last game we played was Saved by the Bell. It’s a board game based on the 90’s sitcom and it’s intended for 2-6 players ages 8+. This game was very simple to understand and play. It’s fun for us adults to play a game based on a show we enjoyed but you don’t need to be a Saved by the Bell fan to play. The concept made the game fun for everyone and the scene cards were a riot. The Saved by the Bell game is easily a family favorite.

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