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4 Places you should visit if you have an interest in cosmetic surgery

4 Places you should visit if you have an interest in cosmetic surgery

According to a study, over 17 million surgeries are performed yearly to reinstate the physical form and function of people from different parts of the world. Also, this study has shown that the estimated number of licensed plastic surgeons worldwide is around 30,000. Although plastic surgeon is common in multiple countries and cities, there are some countries where it has gained recognition the most. If you have grown interest for this kind of surgery and don’t know the best places to obtain it, here are the top 4 destinations to consider;

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Rio de Janeiro is one of the most popular destinations in the world that trains plastic surgeons, and is also known as the ‘World Capital of Plastic Surgery’. Dr. Ivo Pitanguy, a renowned
surgeon is the brains behind a famed Brazilian plastic surgeon clinic known as the Clinica Ivo Pitanguy. While there are at least 4500 plastic surgeons in Brazil, a lot of medical tourist visit the country to get different plastic surgeries. When it comes to the annual number of plastic surgeries performed in the world, the country comes in second place and what’s more, the services offered there are relatively cheaper and of quality.

Mumbai, India
Being the home the Indian Society of Cosmetic surgery and the headquarters of the Academy of Anti-Ageing, Mumbai excels at offering some of the best plastic surgery services in the world. India tops the list of the world’s renowned cosmetic procedures and medical destinations. The city also strives to offer medical outsourcing in some of the western countries. To boot, India’s education system is rated among the best in the world, producing more than 20,000 nurses and doctors annually.

Sydney, Australia
Australia has some of the best skilled plastic surgeons around the globe. You are guaranteed quality services for a range of cosmetic procedures, whether it is a simple nose job or breast
augmentation. The Australian Board of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons seek to nurture more plastic surgeons every year. Check out www.drtavakoli.com.au for one of Australia’s best plastic surgeons.

Bangkok, Thailand
While most plastic surgeons here are trained and licensed via Australia’s and America’s plastic surgery boards, Thailand’s Bangkok is one of the best world destinations to visit for plastic surgery. Also, the Bangkok International Medical Centre was built to improve medical tourism in Thailand. The services in Bangkok are offered in 26 languages, which makes it a great place to receive plastic surgery easily. Also, the rates in the country are relatively low when compared to other destinations around the world.

Bottom line
These top medical and plastic surgery destinations are not to miss especially if you have interest in plastic surgery. There are thousands of professional plastic surgeons to choose from
and although prices may range from one country to another, the services are exceptional. Sachin Shridharani is one of the names that I hear does a fantastic job. Having a long history of expertise in the field and ther are of course many option here in America, such as Pinnacle Plastic Surgery.
Before going under the knife, ensure that your surgeon is accomplished and licensed

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