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4 Ways crate training is good for your puppy

Crate training is a process that is carried out when you want to train your dog to accept a cage or a crate as a safe place for them to rest or stay. Since dogs are den-dwelling animals, a crate or a cage is a suitable alternative den for the dogs or any other pet. Now, crate training is not an easy thing to do. However, it is possible for the dog to get used to the crate as a place for their residence. Now, the dog crate sizes that you can use for this purpose will depend on the size of the dog and the suitability and the strength of the crates. Now, are there any known benefits of crate-training your dog for sure? What are the benefits that come with this process?

 4 Ways crate training is good for your puppy

Here are 4 ways that crate training is good for your puppy:


  1. The crate acts like the puppy’s den


The crate can act as a perfect den for your puppy. There are times when the puppy is stressed or anxious and at this time, the puppy will be happy to retreat to the crate for some comfort and solace. When a puppy is crate trained, they are happy to get used to the place as the area where they are comfortable and happy. This is more so when the weather is not very conducive. When it is windy and rainy, the crate becomes the best place where the puppy goes to relax and seek shelter.


  1. The crate is good while you are driving with the puppy onboard


When you are traveling with the puppy onboard, you want to think about your safety and that of the puppy. You want the puppy to be settled in one place and not to just hop here and there. One of the best options is to have the puppy stay in his crate. The puppy will for sure relax and be comfortable in the crate while you enjoy your driving. When the puppy is restrained in the crate, he won’t stick his head out of the window. This is a safety measure. It would also mean that the puppy will distract you when they are left loose in the car as you drive. For safety purposes, you want him restrained in the crate.


  1. Helps during training


You will be happy to note that most dogs are crated when they are not training. For the people who take their dogs for some form of canine training, crating the dog is one of the best options that you have as opposed to just restraining him in a secluded place or in the car. It is comfortable for the dog to be crated as he waits for his turn to train. It helps work the dog’s mind and body. Crating the dog makes him relax and be comfortable while he waits for his turn to train.


  1. For traveling purposes


When you decide to go on trips, crating the dog or puppy will be a good idea to keep him restrained and relaxed. When you carry the crate with you during your travels and trips, you can use it to keep the dog even in hotel rooms. This would not be possible for dogs that are not crate trained.

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