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5 healthy eating challenges to try in 2017

Every year, there are new emerging food trends and health kicks to get your head around. What we put into our bodies has such an impact on our health, well-being, and mood, it’s no surprise people are paying more attention than ever to their diets. But how do you decide which healthy eating challenges to try? We’ve picked five of our favorite up-and-coming trends worth your time. Check them out:

5 healthy eating challenges to try in 2017 

Flexible veganism

Ditching all meat, dairy, and eggs from your diet is no easy task. But making any attempts to severely reduce these foods should be applauded. This flexible approach to veganism is a practical lifestyle choice, as much as it is a decision about your health.

You can reap the rewards of a vegan diet – including improved digestion, higher intake of some nutrients, weight loss, lower blood sugar levels, improved kidney function – whilst still being able to occasionally eat foods when it’s easier. For example, if you go out for dinner, selective veganism says it’s fine to occasionally have dairy or eggs in your meal – that way, you don’t sap all the joy out of dining out, where there are still limited options for vegans.


For years, we’ve been told to try and eat five portions of fruit and veg a day. But recently, recommendations were up to ten portions daily. That’s a huge amount of fruit and veg to try and integrate into your diet. To get those essential nutrients quickly and easily, you can take up juicing.

Blending up fruits and vegetables into liquid form is not a quick fix to weight loss, but a healthy way to increase the amount of nutrients and antioxidants you’re consuming. What’s more, juicing removes the insoluble fiber from fruits and vegetables so it’s easier for your body to absorb nutrients – for example, when you normally eat a carrot, you only get 1% of the available beta-carotene benefits. With juicing, you assimilate nearly 100%.

‘Neutral’ food

You’ve probably heard people tell you to eat a rainbow of food in order to be healthy. But 2017 brings some change to that idea with the suggestion you should be eating more neutral-toned ingredients – white asparagus, eggs, cauliflower, and even potato. The one to watch out for, though, is tapioca. It’s an allergy-friendly grain substitute that can serve as a base for many baking recipes.

Alternative lattes

Up next, we’ve got a healthy eating trend that’s set to take over coffee shops. Regular lattes laden with caramel and vanilla syrups are terrible for your waistline – but coffee can actually be good for you. More and more baristas are experimenting with flavors and spices – such as turmeric, matcha, coconut oil, charcoal, ginger, beetroot, and black pepper – to add a health kick to your morning routine.

Subscription-based meal boxes

Eating healthily isn’t easy. But what if all the fresh ingredients, measured to the correction portion sizes, were ready waiting for you to cook when you got home? Subscription-based meal boxes are making healthy eating easier for busy people, who don’t want to rely on microwave meals but still want straightforward meal preparation. Interested? Here are 13 boxes to try.

How do you stay healthy? Share your suggestions with us.

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