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5 Helpful Tips About Owning A Home

Regardless of whether you’ve purchased a newly built bungalow or a previously owned condo in a gated community, owning a home gives you a sense of belonging and a feeling of satisfaction and achievement. But this also comes with its fair share of other issues such as doing repairs and maintenance which can be a real headache.

5 Helpful Tips About Owning A Home

Here are 5 helpful tips for owning a home that will enlighten you on how to handle your home and make it better:


  1. Replace Your Shower Heads

Water is essential to have in the home. One of the major consumers of water and electric energy in your house is the showerhead. Saving water and energy is definitely something you want to do in your home.


Replacing your current showerhead with a low-flow unit will reduce greatly hot water consumption in your home and as such greatly minimize your spend in electricity and water bills.


  1. Ensure That You Clean Your Dryer Vent

Over time, the vent on the clothes dryer can become clogged with lint which is dangerous. It could result in a house fire. The lint trap should be cleaned after every use.


You should also consider cleaning the lint from the inside of the dryer cabinet and from the vent duct at least once every year. To do this, unplug the dryer, switch off the gas valve if your dryer vent has one, and remove the access panel. Vacuum the inner part of the cabinet around the gas burner and motor area.


In order to clean the dryer vent, remove the vent exterior cover then use a lint brush that’s long enough to clean the pipe’s interior part.


  1. Have Your Home’s Doors Reinforced

Burglars have upped their game. They no longer struggle with opening door locks, it’s a waste of time for them. They instead opt to kick the door open and access your home. The deadbolt lock is strong enough to withstand the impact of the kick but the strike plate doesn’t.

To save your door from splitting in the event that such an unfortunate incident happens, use an edge guard. To have it installed, slip it over the door and screw it in place then install the deadbolt lock. Larger guards can back up the deadbolt and the doorknob as well.


  1. Be Wary Of Termites

The biggest enemy to your home is a termite. They have the potential to feed on your house for years without you ever having an idea that it’s happening. They usually feed on wood and do the damage from the inside, leaving the outside looking all nice and strong.


You need to regularly check for a termite invasion in your home. In places such as the house basement where there is wood, take a screwdriver and stab a portion of the wood to see whether you find any spongy texture. If you do, contact an exterminator such as termite control los angeles immediately to help you deal with the termites.


  1. Use Glow Paint For Your Switches

Ever found yourself groping at night in your home trying to find the switch? Don’t grope anymore. Purchase the glow-in-the-dark paint, apply it on your switches, problem solved. Your switches are now visible in the dark.



There’s a lot to owning a home. To get detailed information on home appliance buying guides, home repairs among other important tips that can help you as a homeowner, check out think tank home.

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