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5 things to remember during Valentines

Valentines is a great time of year for lovers. Here are 5 things to remember during Valentines. It will ease your stress and help save money!

5 things to remember during Valentines

For a while now I have not really been a fan of Valentines Day. I do not need a Holiday to expect flowers. Even though I tell my husband do not waste money on real flowers. They die and it is a waste of money. I have come up with 5 things to remember during Valentines.

5 things to remember during Valentines

Live in your means.

Do not feel you have to break the bank to make our lover feel as though you love them. Gift them something that is affordable and from the heart. Make sure it is something they will like and not something you will like.

Buy reasonable gifts

When I say buy reasonable gifts, I mean something they will use over and over again. Do not gift them a stuffed animal if they do not like stuffed animals. If they like flowers, give them something like EcoFlowers. They are recycled flowers that last forever. You can also get them in a variety of colors and even get them to smell amazing!

Gift something that you both can do together

By this, I do not mean an expensive trip. Something that will not hurt the bank account but allows you to spend quality time together. If you want to make it fun, you can get something like Gnoments. It allows you to control the special memories and enjoy tome together.

Quality time

When you are planning a date for Valentines Day, do something that is more than a crowded restaurant. Maybe take your love on a drive for a picnic even if the weather won;t allow you to sit outside on a blanket. If you do live where it is nice in February, I suggest buying a Monkey Mat to picnic on. It gives you a big enough area to eat as well as to relax and watch the clouds.

Show your love

Showing your love for the love of your life is easy. A simple poem will hit your love right in the heart. Some of my favorite gifts from my husband are cards he opened up to me about and told me how much he loved me. Another idea is, make some love coupons! You can create your own book of things you will do for your love. For example, you can do a body massage, cook dinner for two, let them pick the show on television, and so much more.


I can keep writing more on this topic. This Valentine Day, get creative with your love. Make it all about them and less about you! When you learn to give you appreciate the gifts you receive more. Remember, its the thought that counts not the value of the gift!

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