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5 Things to Know About the Latest iOS Update

The new iOS 10 update has dramatically changed the ways users can interact with both their iPhones and each other. Some areas of the interface, like messaging, received such heavy updates that they look completely unfamiliar. There is a host of new benefits to enjoy with the update once you learn how to take advantage of them.

5 Things to Know About the Latest iOS Update

Siri Sets Up Selfies

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Siri understands several new commands with iOS 10. Many of these are related to photos and videos. You can tell Siri to do any of these things:

  • Take a picture
  • Take a panoramic picture
  • Take a square picture
  • Take a selfie
  • Take a video
  • Take a time-lapse video
  • Take a slow motion video

These commands will open the appropriate app in the right settings so that all you have to do is take the shot or start and stop the recording. Keep in mind, however, that you do still have to execute these final tasks that capture your picture or video.

Read Receipts Are Individualized

Read receipts are small notations that appear beneath text messages that let the sender know when you’ve seen the message. They can be helpful if you want your senders to see this, but you may not always want them to. The iOS 10 update helps with this tricky issue by letting you set read receipts for each person on your contacts list. This way, you can let your close friends know that you’ve looked at their messages while turning the feature off for messages from your boss.

Messages Get More Impact

If you want your text message to come across with more impact, you can add a bubble effect. After typing your message, tap and hold the arrow that you would use to send your message. Four new options will pop up that can add more zing to what you’re saying. Choose from slam, loud, gentle, or invisible ink.

With the slam effect, your message is slapped on in a bold animation. Loud gives you a larger font while adding a little wiggle to the message. Gentle messages appear in a smaller font that gradually grows. If you use invisible ink, the reader must swipe across the message to see what it says.

You can also add screen effects. These add animations and sounds across the entire screen, like balloons, confetti, or fireworks. If these aren’t original enough for you, send a handwritten message or drawing.

Emoji Offerings Expand

Your messaging will get an assortment of whimsical updates with iOS 10. All the face emojis have a more lifelike look and some updated hairstyles. There is also more than 70 fresh new emojis to enjoy. These include emojis of basketball players, runners, surfers, swimmers, weight lifters, mountain bikers, construction workers, and the Royal Guard. The most anticipated emoji of all is the rainbow flag, offering representation for the LGBTQ community.

If you’re worried that you’re missing out on opportunities to use emoji, have no fear! After typing a message, select bits of text will appear highlighted with associated emojis popping up in suggestion boxes when you tap on them.

It Already Has Several Versions

There’s more than one version of iOS 10, including iOS 10.1.1 and 10.2 beta. Version 10.1.1 reportedly comes with some serious issues with the battery draining too quickly. You can best avoid these problems by either going with the 10.2 beta version or waiting for the next version of the software, which will undoubtedly come with a smart resolution.

As with any update, early adopters are finding the kinks in the system. Updating your smartphone to the latest iOS version a little later can help you avoid many of these. 

Whether you’re a longtime fan of the iPhone or looking for a new phone that offers a fresh selection of features, iOS 10 can deliver just what you’re after. Check out this update and find out how it can change your smartphone habits.

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