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5 Tips to clipping your dog’s nails

It is neither safe nor healthy to let your dog’s nails overgrow. Grooming salons are quite costly and for many dog owners, clipping their dog’s nails is not an easy task. Overgrown nails are likely to affect your dog’s movement, making it difficult for them to walk.

It is, however, possible to clip your dog’s nails and maintain clean nails enabling your dog to walk properly. While many dog owners fear to groom their own dogs, it is a simple task as well as a good way to save money.

5 Tips to clipping your dog's nails

Knowing how to clip the nails and how to go about it is a bit of a challenge, but with the below tips, you should be able to carry out the task at home without any difficulties.

Use the right tools

Using the right clippers is one important factor that will make trimming your dog’s nail a simple process. Different styles of nail clippers are available depending on the shape of your dog’s nails. The two most common are the scissors and guillotine types. The guillotine type is one of the easiest to use and most ideal, used mostly to trim small, curling nails for small and medium-sized dogs.

Scissor clippers, on the other hand, are used to trim larger sized dogs’ nails. Other tools that you can also use include a Dremel grooming tool which helps smoothen the nails. Always try to use tools that are clean and not rusty or damaged to avoid rough edges or even hurting your dog.

Be calm

Slowly clip the nails, taking your time to ensure that it’s done right, especially the first time. Gradually introduce the use of the clippers so that your dog first gets used to the feel. Cut a few nails and monitor your dog’s reaction before proceeding. Don’t be anxious to avoid scaring the dog which will make it react. Stay relaxed and in case any bleeding occurs pour a bit of clotting powder to dry it.

Cut small inches at a time

Clear nails are normally easier to clip compared to dark-colored ones. Be careful when you cut the nails to avoid cutting them too deep into the skin, damaging them and cause bleeding. Cut the nails at an angle to bring out an even shape and at least two millimeters from the quick checking for the edge of the nail. Position your dog in a comfortable position.

Train your dog

Apart from clipping one nail at a time so that our dog gets used to clipping, make the experience exciting. Train your dog how to sit comfortably during clipping and touch their paws every once in a while so that they feel safe having their paws in your hands. This will improve the relationship between you and the dog making trimming their nails easier.

Offer your dog some treats

You can feed your dog some treat to keep him calm as you clip his nails, or after clipping, if they cooperate. If your dog knows that there is a treat after clipping, they might be more relaxed

The quick lengthens as the nail grows, making it even more difficult to clip the nail. To prevent this, trim your dog’s nail as often as you can to reduce the nail size. Get more tips for your dog’s upkeep at https://www.dogsbynina.com/.


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  1. Mark

    Those are some really great tips you went over in this post. I used to give my dog his bath and cut his hair, but as I get older I can;t rally do it myself. That’s why I found a nice groomer in my area to keep my furry friend looking his best.
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    Awesome Article. I really appreciate and love to know that you are a dog lover. I was not a great lover of pets a few years back. But one day I gifted a golden retriever puppy to my wife and now we both are great dog lovers. Even I have started writing several blogs on dogs. I feel motivated when I see the person like you writing such great articles. Really impressive, thanks for sharing!
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