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5 Tips for finding a good dog walker

Your dog is not just a pet but also a member of your family so you want to make sure that they are in good hands. It can be a little challenging to find someone you can trust to watch out and take care of your furry friend especially if you are away. However, dog walking services like theconfidentmutt.com offer a helpful alternative to anybody that is unable to walk their dog as much as they’d like. It is important early on to find a reliable dog walker early on so by the time you won’t get home early or you have to go away, there’s someone you can trust who can be there for your furry friend.

5 Tips for finding a good dog walker

Here are five tips for finding a good dog walker.


  1. Meet your candidates personally.


The best way to get to know a good dog walker is to get to meet them personally. Invite them over and have them meet your dog so you will know right away if they are a good match. Just like us who wants to work with people we can be comfortable with, the same thing goes for dogs and they definitely want someone they can be themselves freely. Having your candidates personally also gives you a chance to get to know them better and observe how they act around your dog.


  1. Let your candidate know the rules in advance.


Before you hire a dog walker, it is important that you set the right expectation first especially if you have a set of rules that you want to be strongly implemented. Let them know how you want your dog to be walked, how long, and where you want them to go. It is important that you make this clear to them to know how they feel about it and if they are good, it would definitely help you in deciding.


  1. Have a test walk.


Another effective tip in finding a good dog walker is to let a candidate do a test walk. It’s different when your dog is at home compared to being outside. You will get to know a good walker better once you see how your dog reacts around them outdoors. It is important that you see it in person to know if your dog actually likes the person they are with.


  1. Ask for recommendations.


You can always ask for recommendations from either friends or family. There are also online reviews you can find that can help you with your decision. Go to pet supply stores or pet shops to get for recommendations. As a bonus, once you find one, you can also find a gift for a dog walker in these stores that will surely give them a smile.


  1. Determine if they know how to do first aid.


Anything can happen in the streets so it is important to hire a good dog walker who has at least basic knowledge on how to first aid in the event your dog gets injured. Ask them if they know some basic treatments and give out possible scenarios so you will know what steps they would do in case of an emergency.

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