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5 tips for making your mattress last longer

Purchasing a mattress ranks up there with visiting your dentist or acquiring a used automobile in matters of how not amusing it is. Nobody wants to buy a new mattress. While the majority of leading brand mattresses both memory foam mattress and coil mattresses are made such that they wear out rather fast, and get you mattress hunting again, we’ve compiled a list of five tips you can employ to reap maximum benefits out of your mattress and for the longest time possible.

5 tips for making your mattress last longer

1. Protect your mattress using a protector

Leaving your mattress unprotected is among the quickest ways to accelerate its demise. A high-quality mattress guard is seemingly a minor investment guaranteed to yield results in a big way. Not any mattress protector does a good job; you need one that keeps out moisture, dead skin cells, and dust mites.

Dead skin cells contain body oils which accumulate and cause the fibers and surface materials to look lackluster and yield their buoyancy. Look out for protectors that claim to have material pores tiny enough to bar dust mites and skin cells from slipping through the fabric. Wash the protector periodically. Most people place the protector and never remove it. Washing the protector washes away accumulated organic material.

2. Handle with care

Mattresses aren’t created equal; some get damaged quickly than others. Inquire about the handling procedures for each mattress model. Coil mattresses bear metal coils prone to bending. A few makes come with border wires that hold the coils in place. Note that border wires aren’t bendable and in the case, they do bend, the mattress is destroyed. The same applies to memory foam mattresses. The mattresses as mentioned earlier are made of several layers of foam, comprising of comfort and base layers held in place by glues. During relocations of memory foam mattresses, ensure you never twist or fold the mattress, doing so causes permanent damage due to buckling and separation of layers. Keeping up with tips and tricks will extend the lifespan of your mattress plenty.

3. Follow manufacturer’s guidelines on spinning and flipping the mattress

Even though the majority manufacturers’ no longer recommend flipping the mattress, most are one-sided; nonetheless, it’s essential to rotate the mattress. Supposing your warranty doesn’t call for flipping, turn the mattress every half-yearly head to toe. Rotations allow for uniform wearing. If you have worn out your bed and want something new, you might want to try out somewhere like on Leesa.com for a new mattress.

4. Acquire a high-quality box spring

Cheap is expensive as the saying goes. Don’t try to save a few bucks purchasing a sub-standard box spring. Opt for corresponding box-spring that accompanied your mattress or one suggested by your salesperson. Sufficient mattress support is crucial to its durability.

5. Vacuum periodically

Vacuuming regularly keeps your mattress clean and fresh and allergen free. Also, vacuuming rids the mattress of dirt, dead skin, and dust mites that accumulate and reside in your bed.

Key takeaway

Mattresses usually remain in good condition for 10-20 years hinging on quality and maintenance. See more details on steamclean.reviews.

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