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5 Tips to keeping wood floors shiny

Wooden floors are appealing and durable and just like any other floor, when they come into contact with dirt they lose their appeal.

5 Tips to keeping wood floors shiny

How do you keep the wooden floors shiny?

  1. Use a suitable vacuum cleaner

Cleaning a wood floor can prove hard because dirt and pet fur tends to stick between the floorboards. Due to the floor finishing and wax, fine dust sticks on the wood floors.

However, cleaning can be much easier when you use the right vacuum cleaner. Having a look at some vacuum cleaner reviews at productexpert.in can help you decide which vacuum is for you. Choose a model that can remove all the dirt and pet hair from the wood floor without scratching it. The vacuum cleaner should be powerful with a lot of suction, yet gentle on the floor.

Avoid vacuum cleaners that have attachments that can scratch the floors and hard rubber wheels. Look for vacuum cleaners whose floor attachments have smooth brushes or padding and soft rubber wheels. Most upright vacuums tend to have stiff brushes that graze wooden floors even when they are not in use.

A good vacuum cleaner should also have attachments for cleaning hard-to-reach areas such as dusting brushes and crevice tools. Ensure the dusting brush has soft natural bristles that are not hard on the floor.

You can find great vacuum cleaners for wooden floor here https://bestpethairvacuum.reviews/top-cleaners-for-bare-hardwood-floors.

  1. Avoid contact with water

Water can damage a wooden floor. It can damage the finish of the floor and also stain the wood when it penetrates. To keep your floors shiny, ensure that water does not come into contact with the floor. Close windows if it is raining, wipe any spilled water immediately, use water sparingly when washing and put the potted plants under a tray.

  1. Walk off doormat

A walk-off door mat prevents dirt, salt, water and ice from getting into the wooden floors. Put a long mat at the front door so that moisture and dirt can be rubbed of the people’s shoes as they enter the house. This way, the wood floors will remain shiny.

  1. Avoid regular waxing

Waxing a wooden floor regularly makes it to have a dull look. Do waxing twice a year to avoid buildup. In case your floor is already dull from waxing, strip it off using a recommended product and then only wax twice a year.

  1. Clean the floor properly

Poor cleaning habits can make your wood floor dull and not shiny. For instance, if you mop the floor when it is dirty, it ends up with streaks, residue, and scratches after the dirt is mixed and shuffled with the wet mop. Therefore, before you wet mop the wood floor, vacuum or sweep it thoroughly to remove all particles and dirt.

Always clean the floor using the recommended cleaning product or a similar one. Find out the suitable cleaner for your type of flooring.

Use the right amount of cleaner on your floor. Using too much cleaner only ends up damaging the floor. It does not make it shiny. Use small amounts of cleaner and water so that the wood does not get too wet and be damaged.

Make sure you vacuum the wood floor often to keep it shiny and clean.

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