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5 Tips to Finding a Great Plus Size Dress for a Special Occasion

5 Tips to Finding a Great Plus Size Dress for a Special Occasion

So, a formal event is upcoming and you’re still struggling to find a dress. If you’re curvaceous, then finding a plus-size women attire may be simple. However, a flattering and fitting choice is hard to get. If you’re looking for something that can make you stand out and have confidence during a function, there’s a bit of work.

If you have a plus-size body, finding the perfect dress for a wedding or any other special event can be daunting. However, you don’t have to wade through pages of gowns that appear as if they can only fit a stick. Here are tips to choosing a dress that can make you look amazing and increase your confidence during that special occasion.

1. Psych Yourself Up
Before starting to shop, build confidence in yourself. Don’t sympathize with the way you look. A great dress can make anyone appear awesome during a special event regardless of their shape and size. Therefore, do not try to look like someone else. Remember that no single body is perfect.

2. Decide on the Feature You’d Love to Emphasize
If you have awesome legs, a slit or knee-length dress is perfect to attract attention to them.  Disguise a dramatically bare back with a demure-looking front. Wear a V-neck to emphasize
nice collarbone. If your wrists are narrow, select a three-quarter length sleeve dress. In short, emphasize perfect parts and de-emphasize your problem areas. Body-skimming dresses, especially those ones meant for flawed areas, slim the body. A
figure-hugging dress can emphasize those parts that you’d rather downplay. Therefore, it’s best for plus-sized women to avoid such kinds of clothing.

3. The Kind of Event
The choice of your plus size dresses for special occasions should depend on how formal or informal the events are. Are you going for a staff holiday party or a wedding? It’s wise to reveal less skin during functions that are more formal. Pick a vintage, conservative style that works fineat all occasions to utilize your dress to the full.

4. Choice of Style
A-line skirts hitting right below the knees are universally befitting on plus-size women. If you want to emphasize the slimmest part of your body, look for an empire waist. Want to draw attention to your face and other upper parts? A halter dress is not a bad idea. However, your style should make you comfortable. There’s no point in wearing a design that
looks great on you but causes misery during the whole event. Be sure to get the right measurements and do not cower from dresses that are a little bigger than you.

5. Choice of Fabric
Are you a little bit curvy? A flowing fabric that drapes around your body can work best for you. Think about a silk cocktail dress or soft satin. Avoid stiff fabrics. However, a fitted bodice can be flattering if your skirt is fuller.

With the right knowledge, you can find a perfect fit for your plus-size body. However, you must begin by appreciating yourself and knows that no one is perfect. Look for those features that you can emphasize without any feeling of embarrassment. Know what kind of event you are going to. Also, choose the right kind of style and fabric.


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