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5 Tips To Removing Pet Fur From Your Home

Of course, there are numerous benefits to having a pet. You get warmth, affection, and company from your furry friends. However, you will also have additional responsibilities and tasks because of them. Not only do you have to potty-train them, you also need to pay attention to grooming them and ensuring that they have proper food. In addition to that, you will also need to get rid of the pet fur from your home. Here are 5 tips to removing pet fur from your home. For information on helpful tools that can get rid of pet fur, do consider visiting PetSho.  

Tip 1: Use dryer sheets


If you have dryer sheets or a fabric softener sheet, there won´t be a need for you to even use a brush. These sheets, when used on your furry friends, automatically attract hair, thus, lowering the chances of the fur finding its way to every nook and cranny of the house.


Tip 2: Do you have rubber gloves? If so, use them!


The rubber gloves you use for washing dishes are helpful so if you do not have a pair, it is time to invest in some as you can use them to remove fur from your home. All that is required for you to do is to rub your hands on the area that has plenty of fur. Upon doing so, you will see that the tension created helps the fur roll off in clumps, allowing you to easily dispose them.


Tip 3: Are you a creative person? If so, make a lint roller pronto!


When it comes to removing fur, no other product comes close to a lint roller. However, getting the replacement sheets every now and then can be heavy on your wallet. Luckily, you needn’t get those sheets as you can easily substitute them with packaging tape; you just need to ensure that the sticky part of the tap is placed on the outside. You now have a customized lint roller that is extremely cost-effective.


Tip 4: Opt for a brush/sponge


The easiest way to avoid dealing with unwanted fur everywhere in the house is to use a brush to remove giant clumps of fur from the animals, preventing your furry pet from shedding everywhere in the house. After all, the more hair you succeed in removing from your furry pet, the less the chances are of the fur finding its way to every nook and cranny of the house. However, if you have fur lying on your couch or upholstery, you can consider using a dry kitchen sponge to remove them. The fur sticks to the sponge like it were its better half.


Tip 5: Vacuum cleaner to the rescue


What would we do without a vacuum cleaner at our disposal! However, if the vacuum cleaner isn’t capable of removing the fur off of the carpets and other upholstery, you should consider using a liquid fabric softener on the carpets and upholstery first. After mixing the softener with water, you should spray it where necessary and wait for a few minutes for the fur to rise up and be scooped away by your vacuum cleaner.

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