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5 Tips for choosing a steel boned corset that will fit your body type

Corsets have been around for a long time, and while there was a time that it lost its popularity, it is becoming more popular nowadays. Any woman can wear a corset, but you need to be smart in deciding which one will best fit your body type as there are several types of corsets, depending on the style, fit and even purpose.

Check out the tips below if you’re thinking of buying a steel boned corset in the near future.


  1.    Make sure to get your measurement –getting the right size is the most important decision you will make in getting a corset, especially if you want a steel-boned model. Most women buy the steel-boned type because they want to take advantage of the shaping properties that this type of corset has. When done right, waist training using steel boned corset can create a great shape for women. But first, you need to get the proper measurements. To do that, get a tape measure to wrap around you, make sure it is not too tight, but don’t let the tape slack. Get the measurements for your hips, natural waist, underbust and the fullest part of your bust


  1.    Choose the right size – after you get your measurements, you need now to decide on what size you will be getting. The question is if you are really looking to cinch your waist or you just want to buy the corset for fashion reasons, such as when you want to wear it for a costume party. There are also those who buy it because it’s a great back support due to the bones in the corset. Now, if you are looking to cinch your waist, most experts would say that you get a size that is at least inches below your natural waist size.


  1.    Check how the corset looks on a model – if there is no physical store for you to go to in order to buy your corset, then make sure that the online store you go to will provide a lot of pictures of the corset. Aside from seeing every angle of the corset, you should also be able to see the construction, such as the materials used and the stitching, so that you can check the quality. Also, make sure you see the corset on a model and not on a mannequin so that you can see how well it would fit an actual person.


  1.    Read the description for each model clearly – because it’s becoming more and more popular lately, there are manufacturers who might be making knockoffs of quality brands. Look at the description of how the corset was made, the materials used, and even how many steel bones were placed inside the material.


  1.    Choose the type of corset and the type of fabric you want – you can choose to buy either an underbust, which goes literally under your bust or you can choose the overbust steel boned corsets which offer full coverage of your bust so you won’t need to wear a bra. You can also choose from several fabric types such as cotton, mesh, satin, brocade and even leather.


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