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5 Tips to being stylish in a wheelchair

The fact that you are in a wheelchair does not mean that don’t have the right be stylish anymore. There are many people with limited mobility that have shown that it is possible to look good despite the disability. There are even fashion show events done with all the models on wheelchairs to show that it does nothing to diminish how stylish a person can be.

You just need to know what works well for you and what doesn’t. When planning an outfit for the day, look at yourself in the mirror to ensure that each piece you wear not only looks good on you but looks good as a whole.


Follow the tips listed below to help you be more stylish even while on a wheelchair.


  1. Be confident – before anything else, you should learn to feel good about yourself and be confident. Don’t ever look down on yourself and feel that you are inferior to people who do not have limited mobility. You can look just as good as they do despite not being able to use your legs. In order to look good, it really has to start on the inside. People who have good self-esteem just glow and the clothes and accessories just add to that.


  1. Wear longer tops and pants – people who are in wheelchairs all day tend to adjust how they are seated all throughout the day. The tendency of that is that their bellies may be exposed, so it’s better to wear longer tops to avoid any accidental exposure. The same is true for low rise jeans. You may not realize it but you’ll suddenly just feel your pants sliding down due to the constant adjustment. For pants, don’t be afraid to go for bold prints. You should not dismiss them even though you don’t get to use your legs.


  1. Don’t dismiss wearing skirts – most would tend to avoid this as there is the possibility that the skirt would get caught up in wheels which could spell disaster. The trick is finding the right length. It cannot be too long because of the wheel trouble, but it cannot be too short either. SO find a mid-length skirt with a beautiful design that would complement well with your wheelchair.


  1. Wear accessories – don’t forget the accessories! The possibilities are endless. You can wear combinations of necklaces and earrings. Aside from that, you can also wear eye and hair accessories to spruce up your outfit of the day. Of course, you need wear great shoes too!


  1. Don’t forget to bring a stylish bag – having a stylish bag completes your outfit so make sure that you get one that would be eye-catching and perfect for not only your outfit but your wheelchair as well. If you are using a manual wheelchair, it might be difficult as you would need your hands to maneuver. It might be a good idea to invest in lightweight power chairs as they are able to make the users more mobile without putting too much effort.


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