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5 Tips to Feeding Your Rottweiler

Administering the right type of diet to your rottweiler significantly contributes not only to his current growth but also to his future health and happiness. His strong and muscular stature requires a  properly rationed diet that sufficiently maintains both a healthy physical and mental condition. Overly, a rottweiler’s diet is dependent upon his age, hence the need to transition from one dietary routine to another with an increase in age. A few key guidelines for nourishing your Rottie include:

5 Tips to Feeding Your Rottweiler


  • Properly balance the six basic food nutrients


Just like human beings, your bulky muscled Rotts needs six basic food nutrients in the right proportions among them being carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, fats, mineral salts, and water. To come up with the best dog food for rottweilers that encompasses all the basic nutrients essential for good health, it is advisable that you frequently consult the veterinarian’s advice in addition to various sources that have specialized on providing feeds for different types of dog breeds.


  • Avail him with clean fresh water at all times


Compared to all the six nutritional requirements that should be met in a Rottweiler’s feeding routine, water is the most essential of them all. Despite dehydration beign common in dogs, it bears severe consequences on your dog including weight loss. Under extreme circumstances of dehydration, your Rottie could suffer severe damages to its organs or even death. As a general observation, a dog requires 50 to 60 ml of water for every kilogram of weight each day. Therefore, as you religiously serve your dog with different meals, equally give him plenty of fresh water that he can access at all times.


  • Puppy and adult Rottweilers require different feeding routines


As your Rottweiler transitions from age to age, you are required to serve him different portions of food at different intervals. If it is a puppy, you have to focus on food high in proteins and calories that contribute to a robust growth of their muscles and fats respectively. Compared to other dog breeds, Rottie puppies have been identified to have muscles and skeletons that develop at a slower rate, hence should be exposed to adult food at a later date, preferably after at least 16 months of age.


On a different note, a 3 to 8 weeks puppy should be served 4 meals per day, 8 to 16 weeks 3 meals per day, 16 weeks to maturity 2 meals per day, and an adult Rottie one meal per day, all subject to how the Rottweiler indicates how many meals he needs per day.  


  • Feed him only after exercise


As much as your Rottie needs lots of exercises to keep fit as well as eliminate boredom; it is advisable that you feed him only after exercising. This practice not only ensures that he is comfortable by preventing him from bloating but also protects him from other serious conditions such as twisted bowels which can lead to death.


  • Be careful with the human treats you give to your Rottweiler


Finally, it is strongly advisable not to let your Rotts eat the same food as humans. This is because no matter how nutritious your food may be, it might end up not working for the dog. If you are tempted to share your food with your canine friend, then do it with strict guidelines from his doctor to avoid poisoning him.

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    Great tips. Important advice on not feeding your pup human treats. While some human foods are okay, our treats are not. Thanks.
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