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5 Tips to obtaining an emotional support animal on a budget

If you suffer from depression, anxiety, military PTSD, ADHD, panic attacks, autism or any other mental disorder, you may need an emotional support animal. The animal provides comfort and support to people suffering from emotional or mental health disorders. Remember that an emotional support animal is not trained to perform a particular task the way service dogs are.

5 Tips to obtaining an emotional support animal on a budget

Although you may have to incur costs, you can still get an emotional support animal on a budget. Here are tips to help you.

  1.    Get an inexpensive animal

If you are on a budget, you do not need to get an expensive emotional support animal such as a particular type of a dog breed. You don’t necessarily have to get a dog as an emotional support animal. Other types of animals that can qualify include cats, hamsters, birds, pigs, monkeys, and ferrets. These are readily available animals that can give you the emotional support you desire without the need to spend a fortune.

Besides, you can adopt one from the shelter. Just make sure you choose one that you are comfortable handling.

  1.    Register the emotional support animal

Although it is not mandatory to register your emotional support animal, registration comes with its benefits. With a registered emotional support animal, it is easy to identify it as so without the need for further explanations since it has an ESA ID card and vest. In addition, you can get exemptions such that you will not be required to pay pet deposits or be charged pet rent when you are renting a dwelling place. Also, you are not charged cabin fee for the animal when traveling by air the way other pets do.

There are many organizations that register these animals and you can even find free emotional support animal registration.

  1.    Spend less on the registration kit

When you register your ESA, you are required to invest in a registration kit which contains identification certifications. When on a budget, a standard registration kit will do since it contains all the items you need in validating the registration of your animal. This means that you will have to forego the additional items that may be available in more details registration kits.

Also, you may opt to use an ordinary harness and collar instead of spending a lot purchasing special ones especially if you have a registration kit.

  1.    Choose an animal that needs affordable housing

When you are on a budget, you do not need an emotional support animal that will require you to spend a lot of money on housing. For instance, if you opt for a horse, you will need a lot of space and expensive housing. However, a cat or a hamster may not need that much space and their housing is cheaper. Also, opt for cheaper housing instead of fancy ones that will require you to spend more.

  1.    Feeding and caring

Feeding a cat or a small dog can be a lot cheaper than feeding a large animal. Also, it can be easier to care for a hamster than a dog. When you want to obtain an emotional support animal on a budget, choose the one that will require you to spend less on feeding and caring.

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  1. Brian Bishop

    Great tips! What dog breed can you recommend that is inexpensive to take care of?

    1. Jessica Pulido

      I suggest anyone looking to get a dog do some major research on every breed they like!

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