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5 Tips to Spoiling Your Cat

Cats are adorable companions and friends for many people today. Our fluffy friends certainly have a way of wrapping us around their tiny paws! It’s undeniable that cats are awesome pets. However, it can be tougher to spoil and interact with them than with a dog. After all, who knows what runs through their sneaky kitty minds? But even though they don’t always act like angels, these felines deserve a little extra care and attention every now and then – just like any other family member.

5 Tips to Spoiling Your Cat

Providing your cat with good food, a tidy litter box, and regular veterinary care is a great place to start. These are all great ways to ensure that your pet is comfortable and remains in good health. But, if you really want to spoil your cat, you’ll have to do a bit more! Have no idea where to start? Here are 5 tips that will help you pamper your cat overlord like they deserve:

  1. Splurge on the Accessories

For most people, a cat bed isn’t a luxury accessory – it’s a necessity. After all, it’s no secret that cats love their beauty sleep! Sure, your pet doesn’t have any issues getting comfortable on the bed or couch. However, spoiling your cat should include getting them a couple of cozy beds of their own.

Choosing the right bed shouldn’t be rocket science. You could pick the ultimate kitty condo or get more low-key and swing for a more basic option. Whatever the case, there are a couple of basics to keep in mind. At the very least, ensure that it is easily washable, is made from natural materials, and is the perfect size for your feline friends. Check out the cat beds and collars from WhiskersCrafts for the highest quality pet accessories.

  1. Focus on Grooming

Your kitty might spend hours every day grooming themselves carefully, but that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t use a little help. Take some time out of your day to brush out your cat’s fur. This is the best way to get rid of dander and dead fur. This, in turn, can help to reduce the number of hairballs in your home.

Take it a step further and spring for professional grooming sessions every once in a while. It’s a luxurious and decadent way to keep your feline companion pampered. Nothing will keep your kitty quite as relaxed as a fabulous day at the spa!

  1. Be Generous with the Treats

Every cat absolutely loves treats. You can give yours a few dry treats at least once a day, or substitute that with a packet of wet food or a bite of chicken. Throw in some greenery too. Cats are meat lovers but sure do love some green stuff from time to time. So, ensure that any plants you may have at home are cat-friendly. You can spoil them by providing lots of cat grass, as well as giving them dried catnip once a week as a treat.

  1. Let There Be Toys!

Although cats spend a huge chunk of their time sleeping, they are very energetic when awake. Because of this, it’s a good idea to carve out time for daily play sessions with your cat. The physical activity has tons of benefits for your cat. Also, incorporate a couple of toys into this playtime. The thrill of stalking and pouncing on toys will provide your cat with lots of mental stimulation. Have a cat tree or scratcher in every room to keep your pet happy and your furniture safe.

  1. Spend some Quality Time

We all know that life gets really busy these days. So, it can be hard to find enough one-on-one time with your loved ones. Nevertheless, any cat owner must put aside enough quality time with their pet. Believe it or not, cats are actually very social creatures. A little quality time with yours will leave them feeling extra spoiled and very loved.

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