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5 Top Weightlifting Shoes in 2017

5 Top Weightlifting Shoes in 2017


There is no denying the importance of an excellent performing weightlifting shoes. The benefits of having the right pair are tremendous for your overall performance and results. A good body gear guide will always include the right shoes for the task and experts agree. This year, weightlifting shoes reached an even higher level when it comes to providing professional and even amateur weightlifters sufficient support, comfort and protection.  To reap the advantages, you need to find one that suits your tastes and preferences among the wide array of selections available in the market. While decent- performing may be good enough, nothing beats the pairs that made it to the top list of being the best.

Here are the top five weightlifting shoes for 2017:

  1. Adidas Adistar/ Adipower

With an almost perfect 5- star rating in Amazon and many other shoe review sites, Adipower is definitely on top of the list this year with its optimum performance and great features. The brand is known for manufacturing high performing shoes in history and Adipower is a statement of years of high- grade and world- standard innovation. It provides rock solid support without the discomfort, allowing for more weightlifting time. It’s PU covered upper surface provides more air for an added comfort, while a wider toe box gives sufficient protection and comfortable fit. Its price is worth its performance.

  1. Inov-8 Men’s Fastlift 335

A relatively new player in the sports shoe scene, Inov-8 quickly made a good name and ranked among top brands in the weightlifting shoe category. The Fastlift 335 boasts of synthetic overlays, breathable mesh lining, and real leather materials. Its premium look and stylish heel design make it very attractive without sacrificing quality and performance. No wonder it gained an almost perfect 5- star rating in Amazon.

  1. Pendlay Do-Win

Pendlay earns the reputation of manufacturing the best quality weightlifting shoes that the market has to offer, and the Do- Win stands up to this reputation. The best feature of this shoe is its singular sole design, which means the whole sole is one piece, providing optimum durability. It also boasts of a ¾ inch heel height, which is the standard in Olympic weightlifting. The shoe is made of real leather with durable nylon mesh for great comfort and breathability.

  1. Nike Men’s Romaleos

Standing up to its brand reputation, Nike offers its shoe design technology through the Romaleos. This shoe is quite expensive, but it can easily manage any weight thrown into it. The Romaleos is very robust and highly durable that it can withstand any weight. It is also very stylish and the use of TPU makes it surprisingly flexible and pretty lightweight, adding extreme comfort to your lift.

  1. Adidas Powerlift 3

A powerful upgrade from Powerlift 2.0 it offers exceptional features that make it highly worth its buck. It has a reasonably good heel height, very sturdy, and highly durable. With a better strap than the 2.0, it provides comfort and firm foot position for that good lift support. With great materials and a reliable, stylish look, Powerlift 3 is indeed an excellent choice.

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