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5 Way to Save Money while getting in Shape

Buying a gym membership or an expensive piece of at-home workout equipment isn’t the only way to get in shape. In fact, you can save money and take care of your health at the same time when you plan right. Engaging in meal preparation, alternative ways to travel to work, and playing sports with friends are always to enrich your health and leave yourself with a couple extra dollars in your wallet.

Ride Your Bike to Work

5 Way to Save Money while getting in Shape

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Operating your car costs money in gas, repairs, tolls, and more. If your work is within ten miles of your home, switch your morning routine to a bike ride instead. Biking to and from work is a simple way to fit a daily workout into a packed schedule. Pedaling your bike is low-impact; it’s easier on your joints than running is. Plus, you’ll save money by using your car less often.

Buy Workout Gear on Sale

Put yourself in the mood for working out by dressing the part, and protect your legs and feet with the right shoes. Reebok deals make it easy to save money on shoes for every kind of working the right shoes. Reebok deals make it easy to save money on shoes for every kind of working out. If you’re just starting, use Reebok coupons to save on a pair of cross-training shoes that will work for all fitness activities that you’ll be engaging in. Working out is strenuous enough without dealing with old or ill-fitting shoes on top of everything else!

Start a Weekly Game With Friends

Head to the basketball courts at the public park, the tennis courts, or a local track with your friends for a weekly game. Finding gear for a simple pick-up game is easy and cheap when you use deals at Dick’s Sporting Goods. Having a weekly game will keep you accountable to one workout a week. Your friends will make it fun, so it doesn’t feel as onerous as going to the gym alone.

Cook at Home

5 Way to Save Money while getting in Shape

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Eating out costs more money than preparing meals at home. You’re also far more likely to consume extra calories when you order takeout or eat at a restaurant, simply because you don’t control what goes in the food. Plan your food for the week, then do some meal preparation. Cook three or four days’ worth of food in one go, then portion out each meal into Tupperware containers. You control your portion sizes, your ingredients, and your cash when you cook like this.

Try-At-Home Fitness Routines

Instead of splurging on an expensive monthly gym membership, get some simple equipment you can use for at-home fitness routines. Lots of fitness coaches post free YouTube videos for 30- or 45-minute workouts. Use Dicks Sporting Goods coupons to get some resistance bands, a set of dumbbells, and a yoga mat. You’ll be ready to get in shape in the comfort of your living room. Getting into shape doesn't require a big bank account. Commit to these money-saving fitness habits, and enjoy your shrinking waistline and your growing bank account.

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