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9 Books that are a must for this Christmas

9 Disney Books that are a must for this Christmas from Disney Publishing Worldwide. They have a great variety to pick from!

9 Disney Books that are a must for this Christmas

Disney Publishing Worldwide offers some amazing books. From Chapter books to coloring books, they have great items. I am excited to tell you about it here on OMG Goodies.

My Thoughts about the books from Disney Publishing Worldwide

In our family reading is something we do on a large scale. Being able to place yourself in the story is something I have tried to help my kids. Not only does reading help with spelling it helps with vocabulary. Let’s not forget that it helps with imagination as well. When it comes to some books, you just can’t put it down. The best time to start reading to kids is birth! It helps them grow up with a love for books and you as a parent will love that.

I had a chance to review an assortment of books and coloring books from Disney Publishing Worldwide and all I can say is WOW! Below is individual reviews on each of these 9 books I recommend for gift giving this year!

Coloring books:

Disney Mickey & Minnie coloring Book

By Disney Book Group

This is such a cute coloring book. You can rip each page out and give it to someone or keep them in your book. The pages are nice and thick. It is not what you would normally see in coloring books.Each page is different. Some have repeated patterns. Some have a story on them you can color.

If your child likes Mickey and Minnie, this is the coloring book for them!

The Percy Jackson Coloring Book

By Rick Riordan

The Percy Jackson Coloring book reminds me a lot of the movie but in book form and I get to color the images. The p[ages are nice and thick. The designs are beautifully drawn. Any Percy Jackson fan will love this as a gift!

Disney Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas Coloring Book

By Disney Book Group

This is by far my favorite coloring book EVER! Anyone who knows me knows how much I love Jack and Sally! This coloring book is full of my favorite characters. Some of the pages have repeated patterns I would love to have as wallpaper on my wall.  all in all, this is by far an amazing coloring book. It is ideal for anyone who loves Nightmare before Christmas!


Baby books:

The Very Fluffy Kitty: Papillon Goes to the Vet

Written and Illustrated by A.N. Kang

Papillon, the kitty so fluffy he floats, is back! PAPILLON GOES TO THE VET, is the second book in this whimsically charming picturebook series. With lively mixed-media illustrations, Kang takes readers on the journey that every fluffy kitty must make when his ability to float drops and the hiccups won’t stop! The encouraging ending will inspire many giggles, and perhaps a kitty hug or two!

William’s Winter Nap

Written by Linda Ashman and Illustrated by Chuck Groenink

When a series of animals come knocking at the door seeking a warm place to sleep, there’s always room for one more! WILLIAM’S WINTER NAP is the perfect read-aloud for a cold winter night. Ashman’s playful rhymes, paired with Groenink’s irresistible animal illustrations, will have young readers cuddling up to this book with their favorite stuffed animals at bedtime.

Chapter Books:

Beatrice Zinker: Upside Down Thinker

Written and Illustrated by Shelley Johannes

BEATRICE ZINKER, UPSIDE DOWN THINKER by debut author Shelley Johannes is the first book in this heartfelt, unique, four-color illustrated Beatrice Zinker series. With adorable four-color illustrations and a corky sense of humor throughout, readers will enjoy this endearing story. Spunky third-grade Beatrice realizes that some friendships are worth risking recess for, and sometimes all it takes is the simplest act of kindness to “turn that frown upside down!”

additional reading

Waylon! Even More Awesome

By Sara Pennypacker
Illustrated by Marla Frazee

WAYLON! EVEN MORE AWESOME by #1 New York Times bestselling author Sara Pennypacker and illustrated by Marla Frazee is the second book in this charming chapter book spin-off series of Clementine. Waylon and his friend Baxter continue their mission to free Dumpster Eddy from doggy-prison. The only trouble is, they need to build Eddy a home so he won’t keep running away. Readers will appreciate this realistic story of true loyalty, friendship and teamwork as Waylon and Baxter must tackle some challenging obstacles that they must, of course, try to solve with science!


Middle-grade reading:

Suspect Red

By L.M. Elliott

Award-winning and New York Times bestselling author L.M. Elliott breathes new life into a troubling chapter of our history with SUSPECT RED. Elliott’s new middle-grade historical spy thriller features a visually appealing mixture of media for readers, such as striking photos and political cartoons. This chillingly relatable novel set in the McCarthy era follows the fictional story of a young boy who must make a crucial choice between trusting authority and his own conscience.


Munchem Academy: The Girl Who Knew Even More

By: Commander S. T. Bolivar III

Spring has come to Munchem Academy. The snow is melting, the roof is leaking, and Mr. Larimore is now in charge. Mattie is worried, though. Mr. Larimore is taking the whole ‘let’s help Headmaster Rooney get back on his feet’ thing seriously, and he’s whispering all sorts of suggestions to the highly suggestible Rooney.

Then there’s the matter of the school’s weather. It’s getting . . . strange. Mini-tornados sweep up out of nowhere. Rain pours inside. And there was that snowstorm-that yellow snowstorm-that lasted for two days.

There’s only one thing to do: save Mr. Larimore, and the world, from Mr. Larimore. It’s a tall order for a short kid, but Mattie has a plan. After all, what’s a little breaking and entering among friends?

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