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Dec 29

Realm Surfing Lifestyle

Realm Surfing Lifestyle is more then just a style. It’s a style as well. A style you will want to wear! Realm Nation is an awesome company that allows you to live the surfer style. With Realm Surfing Lifestyle you can show your love of surfing with a great Reals Nation Hoodie. I am excited …

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May 02

At Home with Modern June: 27 Sewing Projects for Your Handmade Lifestyle #bookreview #mothersdaygiftguide

Disclosure: I received one or more products below for review purposes. My opinions stated below are 100% my own and honest. At Home with Modern June: 27 Sewing Projects for Your Handmade Lifestyle is a great book to have for any mom that loves to sew.  Modern June is a great site for the sewer …

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Dec 26

5 Tips to setting a fitness goal you can sustain

The New Year comes with lots of resolutions and new beginnings. People are optimistic that they will change their lives and have a much better life than the previous year. Sometimes it is easy to set fitness goals just for the sake of it. Well, this need not be the case. If you are planning …

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Nov 01

Young Children Cuddle Up with SackPals

Young kids can tell stories and have fantastic adventures with four plush friends while cuddling in the SackPals’ soft, fleece blanket bag. Tillywig Toys judges love it so much they awarded SackPals the 2017 Tillywig Parents’ Favorite Products honor. SackPals, a family-owned company based in Portland Oregon, uses the motto the best friends in life …

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Jul 06

3 Amazing Products that Improve Your Home’s Air Quality

The air your breathe has a massive impact on your life. Poor air quality can exacerbate allergies, cause difficulties in sleeping, and prevent you from enjoying time with the people around you. Your home should be your sanctuary that you turn to when you want to be comfortable and safe— not where your respiratory problems get …

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Apr 10

SunRype joins forces with Disney Nature on Born in China

SunRype joins forces with Disney Nature on Born in China. This is a must-have snack paired with a must-see movie! SunRype joins forces with Disney Nature Born in China. I am excited to tell you about both of these here on OMG Goodies. My Thoughts about SunRype & Disney Nature Born in China – Thoughts about …

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Mar 23

5 healthy eating challenges to try in 2017

Every year, there are new emerging food trends and health kicks to get your head around. What we put into our bodies has such an impact on our health, well-being, and mood, it’s no surprise people are paying more attention than ever to their diets. But how do you decide which healthy eating challenges to …

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Mar 16

The Importance of Balance Between P.E. and Art Education

Physical education and the arts regulate our bodies and minds, balance our physical and mental needs, and help us to function at higher levels. Why then do we fight about which is most important? The Field Trip I recently accompanied my 10-year-old daughter on a field trip. We had a great day outside walking from …

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Mar 02

Vertiplay™ Musical Railtrack Xylophone

Vertiplay™, an Oribel line, offers toys to keep playtime fun and your house organized — each one hangs on your wall! The Musical Railtrack Xylophone allows children to experiment with sound and music while working on their grip and hand-eye coordination. Oribel cares about the kinds of toys they offer to families. To them, toys …

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Feb 20

Why a Healthy Diet and Exercise Will Help You to Quit Smoking

Why a Healthy Diet and Exercise Will Help You to Quit Smoking Have you been thinking about quitting smoking? If so, congratulations on your decision to quit! There are few changes you can make in your life that will help you improve your health, live longer, save money and enjoy life more than giving up …

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Jan 31

One Up Bands make working out simpler

One Up Bands make working out simpler, especially when your hair stays in place! They have headbands and hair ties that really work well and stay in your hair! One Up Bands offer an amazing selection of hair bands for your workout. a few of them are Loudmouth® Jolly Roger Stretch Band and Chevron Black Elastic Headband. They also …

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Jan 18

Counting Carbs for the 2017 New Year

I have never felt better about myself since I started Atkins over a year ago. Counting Carbs has been the best thing I have ever done. Here’s to another year of a healthier me! My Thoughts about cutting the carbs- A year ago, I decided I should take charge of my dietary habits. I had …

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Jan 18

Incorporating Exercise is my New Year Resolution

Incorporating Exercise is my New Year Resolution. I am excited to share this with all of you here on OMG Goodies. Incorporating Exercise is my New Year Resolution My thoughts about exercise? This is truly a loaded question. Where do I start? Is it embarrassingly bad to admit I really do not like exercise? It’s ironic because …

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Jan 17

Phase two: My Goal for 2017: To Health and Happiness

Phase two: My Goal for 2017: To Health and Happiness. I have a habit I need to break and I think I figured a way for me to do that without prescriptions or other products. Phase two: My Goal for 2017: To Health and Happiness I have a confession. I’m a smoker. I have smoked …

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Jan 10

Measurable and Attainable Get-Fit Goals

The world screams, “It’s January! The holidays are over, set goals and get fit!” I looked at my well-curved body, knew it was time for me to start, ate egg whites and a banana for breakfast, and walked ten minutes on the elliptical. Then it all ended. People torture themselves every year with thoughts of …

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