Want Your Product Seen on OMG Goodies? We would love to work with you! Take a peek at our media kit and contact us today using one of the team member’s emails from the About page or email Jess (the founder) at

advertise with OMG Goodies

Advertise with OMG Goodies

Before working with us, please view our review and sweepstakes policies. OMG Goodies likes to work with companies of all sizes and is very open to new products. One thing we pride ourselves in is that we NEVER charge to review your product. We appreciate each and every company we work with, respect their products, and consider it an honor to be able to work with them. We like to build our relationship with brands we believe in. Some of our favorite companies we review for are Disney, K’Nex, Kids Preferred, and Gladditudes.

We can do a group blog review if you wish to get multiple opinions on one blog! Show off your wide range of products by getting our whole team on board! We offer other services such as sponsored posts and helping promote others’ sweepstakes. We do charge for these two services. However, if you have a product we could review, we would prefer to do one instead of charging a fee. OMG Goodies would rather self-experience a product and promote a brand that we can say we truly believe in.

Our other services include hosting a Twitter party or Facebook event. These require a lot of work, so we do need some compensation. These services will also require some prizes from your end to keep our engagement going and to keep people interested. Please feel free to contact us with any questions on these services if you have an interest in doing one.

For the reason that we like to stay true to ourselves, we do NOT do affiliates. We blog for the brands and the fans, we have never been about the money.

Interested in being a part of one of OMG Goodies’ Guides?  We would love to include your company! Just inform us which ones you would like to be on! Please read our review policy then visit our Guide Guidelines for more details!