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Considering an Inflatable Air Dancing Tube Man for Your Business?

We’ve all seen them: those air-powered tube men, sometimes called air dancers, gleefully dancing in the wind outside of businesses. They have a way of grabbing our attention, no matter what the business or service it is being used to advertise. Have you considered using an air dancer to promote your business; or perhaps a special sale or event you’re doing?

Considering an Inflatable Air Dancing Tube Man for Your Business?

Many Advantages to Using a Tube Man or Air Dancer

First and perhaps foremost, they’re less expensive than other kinds of advertising and because air dancers are grounded outside your business, they easily capture the attention of anyone passing by – all day and all-night-long. In addition, you can buy them outright, or some places may rent them. Specific messages can be incorporated into the design – either sewn, stitched, embroidered, or printed on. And that messaging, by the way, can also be added to an air dancer’s arms – both front and back – for added effect. Even your logo can be added! (One word of caution on how your air dancer is designed: unless your message is printed on, it may look like the letters in your message are not properly aligned; sort of like they were pasted together. And those individual pieces may come off when the material begins to suffer wear and tear.) Likely, the best thing of all is that some businesses have reported on average increased sales by up to 20% over a nine-to-twelve-month period of daily use between 6 to 8 hours. Of course, individual results will vary, depending on the type of business and the location the air dancer is at, but that’s a pretty good return on investment, wouldn’t you say?

There is one other cost besides the air dancer itself and advertising messaging, and that is an air blower. Some may think air dancers are simply blowing or dancing, because of the wind. The wind, if there is any, may cause them to move a bit. But they primarily get their dancing motion because they are air-powered via the use of an air blower.  Want a second or third air dancer for added impact? You may be able to get a discounted price on additional ones if ordering them all together.

Two other points about air dancers: get something tall enough – 18 to 20 feet in general a good height and can be seen easily by passersby, especially if driving. And don’t use it in the rain.



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