Nov 30

Angels Sing

Angels Sing is Christmas movie you will love to watch over and over. It has an awesome cast that you will love to watch. I love this movie and you will too!

Angels Sing

Angels Sing is this years heart felt Christmas movie. I am happy to tell you about it on OMG Goodies.

My Thoughts about Angels Sing-

Angels Sing has a jam packed cast. It has Harry Connick Jr, Connie Britton, Lyle Lovitt, Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferso acting in this movie will have you loving it. I was inpressed with Connick & Brittons chemistry as they played a married couple with a son. It was teh Holiday Season and they wanted to go to Connicks fathers house for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The family has to move out of their current place they live due to the lease being up. They are hunting for a new one when Connick was riding his bike and ended up bending the rim. He found a house that was for sell and is simpley beautiful. On the porch sits Willy Nelson, who owns the house. He took Connick intot he home to look around and asked him if he wanted to make an offer on the house. Connick being the honest man he is, gave the guy a price he couldn’t afford. When he told him that he could only afford half the price, Nelson took the offer.

When Connick told his wife, she about died because he purchased a home with out her. Once he took her to see it, she was in love with the home. Once they move in one of the neighbors showed up with lights for the home. It was Lyle Lovett and his wife in the movie telling them about the Christmas tradition on the neighborhood. It is a street that always decorates the homes with lights and people travel from all around to see the lights. But Connick isn’t a fan of Christmas. Then all the neighbors show up with boxes of lights for the family.

As Connicks son was staying with his father, He was able to put up the lights with his grandfather. While at the home his dad refused to put up the lights on his own home. It caused the neighbors to get upset being it was a tradition. When the grandfather was bringing their son home, they got in a wreck and Connicks father passed away as their son laid unconscious. The entire family was devastated from the loss. The son started to hate Christmas and it broke his fathers heart. If you want to know what else happens you need to watch it! I don;t want to give it away!

I love this movie. It has such a heart felt feeling to it that many of us can connect to. The best part of this movie is the hope and feeling of Christmas. Also you get a chance to win your own copy of Angels Sing. Make sure to enter below.


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  1. Deb E

    We have a family tradition of going to the holiday church bazaars, even if they are not our churches! We went every year to the Presbyterian church Christmas bazaar and I loved the crafts for sale. I’m seeking out some church bazaars this year in my neighborhood and looking forward to it.

  2. Deb E

    We had the gaudiest artificial Christmas tree, but it was a family tradition every year to get it down from the attic and put it up. It was silver and we put a color wheel on it and tons of tinsel and decorated ornaments. I thought it was pretty as a kid!

  3. Deb E

    Another foodie tradition at Christmas is popping a ton of popcorn so we can make popcorn garland for the Christmas tree. I love popcorn, so we pop some to eat and some to string up!

  4. Deb E

    We always go around the neighborhood and drive by the houses that have their Christmas lights and Christmas scenes up. It gets bigger and better every year.

  5. Catherine tellier

    One.of our family traditions that we do with our daughter is we give her an ornament and.pj’s every year the night before Christmas. We also read the story of Jesus right out of the bible. The ornament is so when she moves out she has ornaments for her own tree, pj’s for Christmas pics and we read the Christmas Story out of the buble to remind us what the holiday is all about and what we are truly Thankful for!

  6. Deb E

    When my grandma was living we would go to her house (my mom’s mom) and she would have the biggest Christmas dinner. She was a school cook, so had so much food and put out candy dishes and trays of cookies. It was something to look forward to every Christmas.

  7. Deb E

    Christmas shopping was always a fun tradition because there were very few shops in the small village where I grew up. We went to the “big city” across the state border to shop.

  8. Deb E

    My mom always gets her Christmas cards out super early, like the first week of December. Never fail and it’s like a tradition to get it done and out of the way. It seems we get more cards back that way, since people feel the need to send one back to us!

  9. Deb E

    We bake Christmas cookies, sometimes for an exchange, sometimes just for us. It’s mandatory to listen to Christmas music at the same time as we bake too!

  10. Deb E

    We get up early and have Christmas breakfast and open presents. I know some prefer opening presents New Year’s eve, but I like the anticipation of early Christmas morning like when we were kids.

  11. Brittany

    We read the story of the birth of Jesus Christ on Christmas EVe.

  12. Deb E

    We always go to Christmas Eve church service. The Sunday before Christmas they have their big Christmas program. My sister helps out with the music now but we always participated in the program when we were kids.

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