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How Aquascaping Helped Me To Relax

If you have never heard of aqua-scaping before, it is something that you should definitely
check out. When it comes to hobbies and being creative, aqua-scaping is by far one of my
favorite things to do. The main reason why I love it so much is because it helps me relax
like nothing else can.

How Aquascaping Helped Me To Relax

There is also the fact that it lets me combine my favorite hobbies of gardening and having
an aquarium. It’s a really neat thing to have in my home, and it is something that I want in
my house until the day I die. Why is aqua-scaping so relaxing for me?

It Combines My Favorite Hobbies

Perhaps the reason why I love aqua-scaping so much, and why it helps me relax, is because
it combines my two favorite hobbies into one awesome pastime. I love gardening and
there is no doubt about that. I love the dirt, I love digging, I love the plants, and
everything else that comes along with it. Something about growing plants just helps me
relax so much. I can also say the same thing for fish keeping and looking after an
aquarium. The lights, colors, animals, and everything else that goes on in an aquarium just
has this way of lulling me into relaxation.

This is why I love aqua-scaping so much. It lets me grow plants and get my hands dirty,
while at the same time letting me keep fish and all of their beauty. They say that bigger is
not always better, or that more is not always better, but in the case of aqua-scaping, I
wholeheartedly disagree. Both of these hobbies, gardening and fish keeping, help me
relax, so it only makes sense that aqua-scaping, which combines both of those, helps me
relax twice as much.

The Weather

This might sound a little weird for anyone who doesn’t garden. One big way in which this
hobby helps me relax is because it lets me grow plants indoors. I used to have a huge
outdoor garden, but the weather, combined with animals, kept destroying all of my plants
and flowers. I’m not sure about you, but when I just spent the better part of a week
creating a beautiful garden, coming outside after a big storm is heartbreaking. That is why
I love aqua-scaping so much.

It’s an indoor underwater garden. This means that I don’t have to worry about slugs,
beetles, racoons, cats, and other critters ruining my plants, plus the weather can’t get to
them either. It caused me a lot of anxiety whenever I would go investigate my garden.
However, that has all changed now. It’s really relaxing to know that I can wake up in the
morning and not have to worry about my garden being destroyed. It is inside, it’s in a glass
box and protected from all weather and animals imaginable. Now that is what I call

Aquascaping Is Fairly Inexpensive

Another reason why aqua-scaping helps me relax as much as it does because it lets me feel
good about my finances. I used to have both an aquarium and a massive garden. Between
everything needed for the aquarium, plus everything for the garden, I was constantly
spending money, and it was no small amount either. I loved doing both of those things, but
at the end of the day, they ended being way too expensive.

Comparatively speaking, aqua-scaping is fairly cheap. Sure, I can still have some plants just
like in my garden, and I can still have fish just like in my aquarium, but the total cost is
much less. It helps me relax to know that I can still have a really fun hobby without having
to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollars. For example, to set up my aquascape, it cost
around 50 bucks for the aquarium (this post covers some cool betta tanks), 175 bucks for
the filter, air pump, light, and protein skimmer, 75 bucks for the plants, and another 50
for the fish.

Now, this may sound a little bit expensive, but the total there, which is around $350, is
about as much as I would spend in a few months for my old garden alone! It’s a great
hobby that doesn’t cost all that much, which is definitely relaxing for my nerves. Money
can be a real big issue when it comes to hobbies, but thankfully aqua-scaping is not that

We have also reviewed the Back to the Roots tank, which is really unique as it acts as a
tank and a way to grow herbs on top! You can see the review here.

It Is Simply Beautiful

Art is a really relaxing hobby, mainly because it gives me time to myself and it lets me be
really creative too. Well, aqua-scaping is definitely a form of art, especially when you
consider that you are putting together your own underwater landscape combined with
some really pretty creatures. Aquascaping helps me relax because I can spend hours and
hours thinking about the next addition or upgrade that I want to make.

Do I add another fish? What kind of fish? More plants? Colors? Shapes? The possibilities are
endless. I love to just sit around contemplating what my next move is going to be, what
my aquascape is going to look like in a week from now, and I just love to sit there looking
at it. There is something so serene about a beautiful underwater landscape. The gentle
motion of the plants swaying in the water, the trickling sound of my little stream, and the
playful fish frolicking around, all put my anxiety at ease.


At the end of the day, aqua-scaping has to be one of the most fun, relaxing, creative, and
least expensive hobbies that I could think of. I was not all that much into it at first, but I
quickly realized how much fun I was having and how much less stressed out I had become.
If you want to try a fun and relaxing home hobby, you should definitely look into

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