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Hi there! My name is Amanda. I have been married to my amazing husband for 14 years. We are raising our family in the beautiful Treasure Valley, which is located in Idaho. Our 3 adventurous and sweet boys keep us busy. They are 12 (going on 21), 8, and 2 years old. These boys fill my life with more joy, love, creativity, and hand prints than I could have ever imagined! I love every second of being a mom. When I am not trying to keep up with my family, I stay busy running my own content creation and management company, Liquid Script. To have Amanda do a review for you email her at

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Mar 27

Why We Love the Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest resembles a fairytale nestled on the side of a hill surrounded by trees, thatched roofed cottages, a log ride (among many other amusement rides), and even Humpty Dumpty. It is not your ordinary amusement park. Read on to find out why we love the Enchanted Forest. The Enchanted Forest My family and I …

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Jan 05

Children and New Year’s Resolutions

We rang in the New Year just a few days ago. Since New Year’s resolutions are such a hot topic right now, I thought I would share my experience this year with you. It always amazes me how at one moment we are at the end of the year, finishing out the holidays and looking forward …

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Oct 09

Let Imaginations Fly with the Pirate Costume Set by Great Pretenders

Let imaginations fly with the Pirate Costume Set by Great Pretenders. These durable and adorable costumes are a great choice for Halloween…. and beyond. Great Pretenders has a nice selection of costumes for Halloween (and all year round). One of the items they offer is the Pirate Costume. Parents reading this review on OMG Goodies are going to love …

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Oct 04

Family Fun at the Oregon Coast Aquarium

The Oregon Coast Aquarium is full of amazing sea creatures and exhibits. Take your family and head for the coast and pay this aquarium a visit, now is the time! You and your family will make incredible memories while learning interesting facts about sea creatures, mammals, and the ocean. My family and I recently received an …

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Sep 15

Why You Need to Visit the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum

Aviation history and space exploration come to life at the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum — a breathtaking travel destination and home to the one and only, Spruce Goose. I am excited to share my family’s visit to the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum, here on OMG Goodies. Visitors to the Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum …

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Sep 07

Family Fun at Wings and Waves Waterpark

Wings & Waves Waterpark is an incredible indoor waterpark located just south of Portland. You have to see it to believe it! This travel destination will soon be added to your travel bucket list! Wings & Waves Waterpark is located at the Evergreen Aviation Museum in McMinville, Oregon. It is a unique waterpark, with some incredible water …

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Aug 01

Must Have Leggings for Fall – Legging Army Leggings

Get your leggings on with Legging Army leggings! These adorable, comfortable and affordable leggings are available in every size from girls to plus sizes.   I fell head-over-heels-in-love with these Legging Army leggings! Legging lovers, get ready, I am excited to share this incredible find on OMG Goodies My Thoughts about Legging Army Leggings  – …

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Nov 01

Chi Candle Soy Candles

Chi Candle’s soy candles are incredibly brilliant candles. These hand poured beauties, made by Chi Candles, come in a wide variety of scents including Winter Wonderland and Cedarwood Vanilla. I am glowing in anticipation of you reading my review here, on OMG Goodies. My Thoughts About Chi Candle’s Soy Candles I love using candles in …

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Nov 01

Great Pretender’s Reversible Cape

The Great Pretender’s Reversible Cape is the perfect dress-up accessory. Great Pretenders has an incredible line of dress-up and costume products. One of these products is the Reversible Cape.  I am excited to share this review (AND 2016 Coupon Code!) with you on OMG Goodies. My Thoughts About Great Pretender’s Reversible Cape Great Pretender’s reversible cape has been …

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Aug 22

BioPop Dino Pet

The BioPop Dino Pet is an amazing toy which combines science, wonder, and delight to everyone of all ages. BioPop created a masterpiece when they thought up this Dino Pet. It is much more than just a toy. It is a pet and science lesson wrapped into one. I am thrilled to share my experience with …

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Aug 16

Fresh Wave Odor Eliminating Products

Fresh Wave makes a line of odor eliminating products that will get rid of any stinky smell without the use of harsh chemicals or smells. Fresh Wave released their line of odor eliminating products. These goodies are a must for every household. I am excited to announce this brand new line of products to you, on OMG …

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Jul 13

JellyCAP Drinking Cap

JellyCAP drinking cap offers a unique and easy solution to messes caused by kids’ drinking out of bottles. This little cap turns any drink in a bottle into a mess-free and kid-friendly drink. JellyCAP makes these little caps that turn any drink into a mess-free and kid-friendly drink. It eliminates the messy-drink dilemma while you …

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Jun 03

Slab Dream Lab Lego® Compatible Base Plates

Slab Dream Lab creates Lego® compatible base plates that are a must have for every Lego® builder. Slab Dream Lab makes a variety of Lego® compatible base plates. From Minecraft base plates to mine, build and create another world, to bubblegum pink plates to build the perfect princess castle, your Lego® creations will explode. Especially …

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Apr 23

Oil & Stone Aromatherapy Solutions

Oil & Stone Aromatherapy Solutions has a collection of essential oils and diffusers offer personalized aromatherapy solutions for everyone. Oil & Stone offers a unique solution to using and diffusing essential Oils. Their aromatherapy products cover everyone in the family. Moms, dads, and kids alike can reap the benefits of using aromatherapy. I am excited to share this …

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Apr 23

The Metal Barn’s Home Decor

The Metal Barn’s Home Decor offers a unique selection of rustic furnishings that will add an extra spark to your home. The Metal Barn offers a huge selection of rustic home decor. Some of their products include these beautiful Skeleton Key Wall Hooks and Mermaid Bottle Opener. I am ecstatic to share this review with …

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