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Name: Kameo Monson
Date registered: January 16, 2015


Kameo has been married for 22 years. She has 2 boys ages 17 and 15, and 2 girls ages 13 and 11. Her interests range from music - especially choir music to gel polish to dresses to reading to camping and hiking. Kameo loves animals and has 3 dogs, a cat, a Guinea pig, a hamster, and some fish in her home. She and her family like to have small excursions to places close to home and enjoy being outside watching her husband and son fly R/C planes or make contacts on their HAM radios. Kameo started with OMG Goodies in January 2015 and has become a proficient reviewer. Like all of our bloggers, we are happy to have her on the team.

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Aug 10

Join the Phygical World: Magik Play Digital Building Blocks

Magik Play digital building blocks enhance child’s play in both the physical and the digital worlds. Now hands-on play comes with apps. Magik Play comes to us out of Portugal where the startup company’s goal is to integrate the physical world with the digital world.  Their proprietary smart toys are leading the way into the …

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Jul 28

Place Your Tiles and Get to the Other Side: Play Crozzit

Place your tiles on the Crozzit board with one goal in mind. Beat your opponent to the other side of the board – twist and turn the whole way. Identity Games, maker of Poopyhead and The Mouthguard Challenge, now offers Crozzit. This fast-as-you-pace-it game keeps you on your fingertips moving as you work to complete …

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Jul 10

My Little Veterinarian Kit Teaches Through Play

Kids learn what happens when a dog visits the vet through fun activities found in My Little Veterinarian Kit. They’ll love the lab coat and supplies inside! The Little Medical School began their exciting program in St. Louis, Missouri, in 2011. Partnering with after-school programs, camps, scouts, and other organizations, they teach kids about exciting …

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Jul 05

Sleep in Comfort with nestl Microfiber Sheets Sold by The Comfort Zone

Snuggle into bed with that “AH” feeling when you use nestl microfiber sheets. Soft and breathable, climbing into bed never felt so good! More and more you hear the importance of choosing wisely when shopping on Amazon. The Comfort Zone is an Amazon seller you can trust to provide quality products at competitive prices. OMG …

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Jul 02

Kudo Banz Award Winning Giveaway HOP

Kudo Banz recently won the 2017 Kids Product of the Year from Creative Child Magazine. The updated version of a sticker chart wows children and parents. Amanda Naqvi’s innovative idea, brand new to the retail world is certain to knock your socks off the same way it did mine! Enter the Award Winning Giveaway Hop to …

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Jun 28

The Comfort Zone Deals Win $1000, Bedding, and More

Check out The Comfort Zone Deals on OMG Goodies! Watch for our upcoming review! Win $1000

Jun 26

Consistent and Positive Parenting Begins with Kudo Banz

Kudo Banz makes positive parenting easier by providing parents with rewards children can earn immediately no matter where they are. Watch as children learn to control their behaviors through positive reinforcement. These banz are perfect for young and special needs children. Understanding the need for positive parenting and the digital society of today, Amanda Naqvi …

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Jun 20

VAVA Three-in-one Hand Blender, Mixer, Chopper

The VAVA 3-in-1 Immersion Hand Blender comes with mixing and chopping attachments too! This useful kitchen gadget quickly becomes your favorite! The VAVA 3-in-1 Immersion Hand Blender comes with everything you need to blend, mix, and chop your way to a great meal. As a Sunvalleytek product sold on Amazon you know it is quality …

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Jun 14

USpicy Upright Oval Makeup Brushes

The soft, dense, synthetic hairs of the Uspicy Upright Oval MakeUp Brushes provides you with excellent coverage and a flawless look you can trust all day! Uspicy offers quality beauty products at reasonable prices on Amazon. Unlike many other companies from China, you can trust their products to last and work as described.  Better yet, …

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May 22

Starpath Dolls Morning Star Brings Adventure to Your Child’s Imagination

Starpath Dolls offers four beautifully crafted ethnic dolls and accessories every girl can enjoy. Girls will also adore personalizing an adventure story about them and their new friend. Starpath Dolls started with Anita Winsor’s daughter’s love of reading and dolls. She inspired her mom to start a business where girls could find a friend in …

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May 19

Circuit Scribe Kicks Off Again With a Drone and More on Kickstarter

Circuit Scribe opens their second Kickstarter campaign by adding a DIY wing, a calculator, and drone to their conductive silver ink circuits’ line. The other kits offered by Circuit Scribe are amazing and these are sure to be too! Circuit Scribe first appeared on OMG Goodies in November 2016. Then, we showcased an incredible 32 …

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May 09

Beginning Robotics is Fun with Sunny from The Young Scientists Club!

Kids as young as eight can now experience beginning robotics with the FUNtastic Robot Series by The Young Scientists Club. We built Sunny, who uses a light sensor to know when to move. The Young Scientists Club commits to providing incredible science and learning products for young children. Their kits and games keep kids entertained …

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Apr 18

Meet some of the modular toys in the MiO Collection from Manhattan Toys!

Modular toys and imaginative play have never been more fun than with the MiO Collection from Manhattan Toy Company. The Food Truck + 1 person and the MiO Outdoors are the perfect examples of what the MiO Collection has to offer! Manhattan Toy Company provides much more than your average toys. In fact, for 30 …

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Apr 18

Get Your Monthly Art Project from Smart Art Box: April 2017 Solar PhotoGrams

A monthly art project delivered by Smart Art Box gives me a creative outlet without the worry of choosing a project or purchasing supplies. Full-size products and instructions for finishing an adult art project fill each box.  The April 2017’s Solar Photogram project provided me with several hours of relaxing creative time. The revolutionary age …

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Apr 18

WINDOWS by Julia Denos – A Picture Book Review

Take a walk at dusk and see what the world of windows looks like.  WINDOWS, a picture book by Julia Denos and illustrated by E.B. Goodale, brings the calming beauty of exquisite artwork and simple storyline perfect for your little one’s bedtime story. Candlewick Press publishes many wonderful books that I enjoy looking through and …

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