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Stacy is happily married and has been for 14 amazing years. Stacy has 2 girls: A- is 12 and K- is 5. This year she decided to home school A, which has been a joyful experience. Little K is in pre kindergarten and Stacy loves hearing about what she has learned. She also has fur babies 2 dogs and 1 cat, so her house is a full 3 ring circus. Her lab thinks she is a cat, and her cat thinks she is a dog. She is a stay at home mom for now. Stacy loves reviewing pet items and educational toys for her kids, as well as other products. She offers great insight in her reviews. To have Stacy do a review for you, contact her at

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Aug 15

How to feel comfortable in your own skin

The struggle is real. Women all over the world have a common problem. What is that problem? Self-confidence and feeling comfortable in your own skin. So, I am going to share some of my tips, for how I feel comfortable in my skin with my OMG Goodies family. Tips for feeling comfortable in your own …

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Mar 20

How Cirque Italia the Water Circus changing the Circus World

If you and your family love going to the circus, then you should look to see when Cirque Italia the water circus is coming to a city near you. When I found out that I was chosen to attend Cirque Italia in Jacksonville, Florida this past weekend, I was ecstatic. Not only for myself but you …

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Mar 14

OMG Goodies is Headed to Cirque Italia In Jacksonville Florida

Next weekend, I am excited to attend Cirque Italia at The Avenues. Cirque Italia now has two traveling shows and for the first time ever, the new Gold Unit is coming to Jacksonville, FL! With its state of the art technology, it’s sure to be a show you won’t want to miss! Keep reading through …

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Feb 01

Amazon Valentine’s Day Flowers For Her

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching us. Receiving flowers on Valentine’s Day is the most special way to show your loved ones how much they mean to you. Amazon has amazing flowers First, I would never have thought to check out Amazon for Valentine’s Day. Luckily there is still plenty of time to get your orders …

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Dec 26

5 Tips to setting a fitness goal you can sustain

The New Year comes with lots of resolutions and new beginnings. People are optimistic that they will change their lives and have a much better life than the previous year. Sometimes it is easy to set fitness goals just for the sake of it. Well, this need not be the case. If you are planning …

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Dec 26

Amazing Candles Made by Kristen’s Closet

If you are looking for some fabulous quality candles, I highly suggest checking out the candles made by Kristen’s Closet. I am sure you will love them as much as I do.   I met Kristen through our kids racing their quarter midget race cars together. Once I found out she made candles and had …

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Aug 07

How to Change Someones Day with a Kindness Rock

Have you heard about the Kindness Rock Craze? Kindness Rocks are a few fad taking over the U.S. where you paint a rock and hide it for others to find. Here in Florida where I live, just about every person I know with kids is painting rocks. I was curious what this was all about, …

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May 30

Enjoy your Morning Coffee with DripJoys JoyPods

Start your mornings off right with DripJoys™ JoyPods™. Your morning will no longer be dull with this flavorful coffee subscription box. I am so excited to bring you this review here to OMG Goodies.   DripJoys™ now offers individual JoyPods™, so you can enjoy an incredible cup of coffee right at home! This amazing subscription …

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Apr 25

Hidden Florida Vacation Spots

Florida is my state, and I love it! Whenever Florida is mentioned, everyone thinks of Disney, the Keys, or Tampa. Florida has so much more to offer than just the mouse.  There are so many other places you can enjoy if you live or vacation here. Most of the places on this list could be …

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Apr 06

How to Decorate Your Table with Commercial Silk Int’l

I love to decorate my tables with beautiful silk flowers. Commercial Silk Int’l has such a great assortment of silk flowers to decorate your home. Commercial Silk Int’l has such an amazing variety of different silk flowers and plants to choose from to decorate your home. I am so excited to bring Commercial Silk Int’l to …

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Mar 27

When You Find A True Friendship Online

In today’s world sometimes finding a true friendship is hard. Occasionally, you meet someone online and everything clicks and a true friendship is formed.   Friendships Online I am honestly a quiet, solitary person. Usually, I find comfort in my close-knit circle of friends. If I say you are my friend, then you truly have …

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Mar 02

Time to Get Your Amazon St. Patty’s Day Accessories

St.Patrick’s Day is right around the corner. It is time to get your orders in on Amazon so you do not get pinched on March 17th. Amazon for St. Patty’s Day The time has come to prevent those nasty little leprechaun pinches. March 17th is quickly approaching and I am here to help you make …

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Feb 05

3 Tips to make your marriage last

Marriage is hard. If it is easy something is wrong. Take some time and read up on 3 tips that have helped my marriage stay happily intact for 17 years. 3 Tips to Make Your Marriage Last After we say those two magical words, “I do,” the real work starts in a marriage. Marriage is …

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Jan 03

What is a Virtual Assistant and How You Can Be One

Do you know what a Virtual Assistant is? Do you know how you can become one? Let me tell you about my start as a Virtual Assistant and how much I love it. This post does contain an affiliate link. After spending hours researching Virtual Assistants, I was still left confused. This is when I …

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Jan 01

Newport Skinny Tea: Metabolism, Evening and Daytime

Newport Skinny Tea is just what you need if you are a tea fanatic like me. With so many options available, you are sure to find the perfect one. Affiliate link included below. I have been really wanting to try Newport Skinny Tea for a while now. Words can not describe how excited I am …

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