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How to become a Tupperware Consultant

Do you love all things Tupperware? Have you thought about Direct Sales? Tupperware is where it’s at with a low sign-up cost and amazing benefits.

How to become a Tupperware Consultant

Tupperware is always looking for new consultants. As a matter of fact, I am looking for new consultants to join my team! Let me tell you more about how to become a consultant and what you get out of it, today, on OMG Goodies.

How to Become a Tupperware Consultant-

I love selling Tupperware. It brings in a little extra income for my family and right now, we need that. I get to meet some awesome people along the way as well.

Right now, Tupperware has a smoking offer for anyone who wants to sign up.  If you sign up by June 2nd, 2017, you will get a Free Fusion Master Sorbet Maker! Check out the image below.

To sign up there is two ways to do this. They are below.

First way: Sign up and pay $99.00 + Shipping and tax with no minimum to sale. You work at your own pace.

Second Way: Sign up for $39.00 + shipping and tax and sell $1,000.00 in 60 days. If you do not do that you will be charged for the $60.00.

If you sell $500.00 in the same month you sign up, you can get the Grate Master Shredder with Base, plus the Fusion Master Mincer and Press Master Juicer Accessories for ONLY $30.00. That’s a value of $207.00!

What comes in your kit!

Your Business Kit contains over $350 in Tupperware® products and business tools. It’s everything you need for a successful start. You can pay-in-full or start with a $35 down-payment. Through the Confident Start Program, just for new consultants, you can also qualify for us to pay off the balance of your kit.

Commission Base

You will earn 25% of the price of the items you sell. If you sell over $1,500.00 a month you earn a 5% bonus! In the month of May, I sold $1,700.00 + in sales. I earned 25% of all my sales as well as my 5% Bonus. Sounds great right? There is more. As you move up, you can earn even more!

How to join my Tupperware team-

If you want to join my team, you can join my group on Facebook called Dreams into Reality

Then go to this site HERE and click Join Us then click Get Started and confirm you want to join my team! You can email me at omgfreebees@gmail.com and add me to Facebook HERE if you have more questions!

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