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The Beginners Bible is a great first bible for kids

The Beginners Bible is the perfect illustrate treasury of Bible Stories for the little ones in your life. You and your child will love it! 

Zonderkidz brings the stories of the Bible to life for kids in the Beginner’s Bible. I am excited to tell you about it on OMG Goodies.

My Thoughts about The Beginners Bible –

The Bible is an important book in the lives of many families. However, any family with young children will tell you that it is hard to get them to sit still and listen to a story read out of the traditional bible. The words are too hard for children to understand and sometimes the meaning isn’t clear. This is where the Beginner’s Bible comes in.


The Beginners’ Bible is the perfect companion for parents who want to teach their children the stories of the Bible. It is a hard bound book with colorful illustrations and simplified versions of bible stories. The Beginner’s Bible includes 48 stories from the Old Testament and 46 stories from the New Testament. Each story is a few pages long.  2/3 of the page is filled with a beautifully illustrated picture that matches the story.  There are only 3 to 5 lines of text on each page and the stories are only on average 4 pages long.  The Beginner’s Bible will defiantly keep your child’s interest.

The Beginners Bible is such a cute book.

What I like about The Beginner’s Bible is that it makes the stories simple enough for a two-year-old to understand, but it does not take out the meaning of the story. As a result, many children’s bibles just tell the story and don’t include the moral or the lesson to be learned. The Beginner’s Bible still teaches the Christian principles that families want their children to learn, while keeping them entertained.  While it keeps a 2 year engaged it is not too simple for an 8-year-old either. Each story also has a Bible reference so that you can find the story in a regular Bible.


In summary, The Beginner’s Bible is a great way to get kids hooked on the Bible and Christian teachings. It makes the stories of the bible understandable and engages and teaches children as they read it.

With this in mind, you can purchase The Beginners Bibble on Amazon for $12.88. Just click the image link below to purchase!

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