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Blendy Pens Create Too Many Colors to Count!

With the 24 markers in the Jumbo Blendy Pens Kit kids can create 276 colors. Watch as a blended color returns to the original blue, yellow, or pink!

Blendy Pens Create Too Many Colors to Count

Chameleon Kidz reintroduces Blendy Pens, a product sold in 2005. The incredible markers create colors in their fusion chambers with the twist of the wrists. Don’t worry parents, there’s no mess to clean-up here! The design alone probably keeps JR. clean, but just in case, Chameleon Kidz made Blendy Pens washable! This STEAM product, perfect for budding artists everywhere, debuts in the OMG Goodies 2017 Holiday Gift Guide!

My Thoughts on Blendy Pens by Chameleon Kidz:

My girls love to draw and color, but they’ve rarely used markers. I never questioned their medium choice, I have always found markers difficult to work with because they cannot be used for shading and blending. Then I learned about Blendy Pens! These markers aren’t meant for kids alone; adults won’t put them down either!

I wanted to get an idea of how the markers worked and what better way to do that than to use the coloring posters included in the kit! I chose this adorable astronaut.

Imagine my surprise when I realized designs were hidden within the uncolored section of the page. My strokes began uncovering highlights and cute additions to the picture. Still, as I blended colors, I noticed that a color was created and remained for quite some time before fading. When the color did fade, it often did so quickly. As with every product it took me some time to get the hang of it. That was the whole point of the exercise—you have to practice and try new things before becoming proficient.

I was coloring the astronaut’s air line when I finally could see the beauty of these markers. See how the color changes? The entire line is colored using one marker. Three colors. One marker. You can see similar effects along the glimmering reds and oranges around the moon.

Doctor’s Office Flowers:

Once finished with my cute little astronaut, I decided to doodle for myself. I pulled out my large, multi-medium art pad and began work on my go-to, a flower arrangement.

Blendy Pens Create Too Many Colors to Count

The flow of the markers made it easy for me to leave the perfect amount of color on the page without having to worry that there was too much or not enough. Best yet, I realized I could color over an area and it didn’t ruin the marker. Yup, my yellow marker didn’t turn orange unless I wanted it to, and then it always turned back! Score!

Once I finished with the coloring, I felt there was still something missing from the picture, though there was no denying the Blendy Pens had worked phenomenally better than any other marker I’ve ever used. I pulled out the airbrush (a tube that pushes air from your mouth over the tip of a marker) and went to work. It was awesome! So awesome, I got a bit carried away. You can see the highlighting it provided on the flowers the best, look right toward the center. You can also see areas where I added simple splotches of color in the background. I speckled the vase, and portions of the background, flowers—really just about everywhere. When I was finished I knew finding a doctor’s office for my flowers to hang in would not be difficult—they like obscure art. I also considered creating a piece entirely of Blendy Pen airbrushing.

The Dragon

Originally, when I opened the markers and my daughters realized they were markers and not pens, one of them wouldn’t even touch them. That changed. She decided my artwork was decent enough she’d give them a try. I think her work is incredible!

Blendy Pens Create Too Many Colors to Count

My 11-yr-old wanted to see how the markers worked too. Her butterfly is our best example of blending a color and watching it fade back to the original marker.

Blendy Pens Create Too Many Colors to Count

How They Work:

Blendy pens come hooked in doubles with fusion tubes. I think of them as lids on steroids. Use the markers with the original color like you would any other marker—remove the marker from the fusion tube and color. If you want to create a new color, place the colors you want to combine into a fusion tube, hold them vertically, and twist the pens in opposite directions. Chameleon Kidz recommends 3 to 5 seconds. The longer you hold the pens together, the longer the color will last, and it will be more vibrant as well.

Blendy Pens Create Too Many Colors to Count

To use the airbrush, simply place a marker in the bottom slot and blow through the top! Directing the airbrush isn’t as much of a challenge as you might think, but it does take a bit of practice. To start, I recommend using the cardboard stencils included in the kit! They have some great shapes for kids to use in their personal creations.

Blendy Pens Create Too Many Colors to Count

What’s in the Kit:

The Jumbo Blendy Pens Kit includes:

  • 24 Markers
  • 10 Coloring Posters
  • 2 Stencils
  • 1 Airbrush
  • 1 Ready-to-color portfolio

Connect with Chameleon Kidz:

Chameleon Kidz offers several Blendy Pen products which come in sizes perfect as stocking stuffers or as gifts for under the tree.

Purchase your Blendy Pens Kit at various locations including Target; Bed Bath & Beyond; Michaels; and Johann’s.

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