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BodyLog Muscle Massager for Athletes

The BodyLog Muscle Massager helps warm-up and cool-down your tired muscles before and after exercise. Manufactured by FootLog this muscle massager is perfect for amateur and pro athletes alike!

BodyLog Muscle Massager for Athletes

FootLog came into existence when Ren Field couldn’t find anything to  his sore feet.  The BodyLog was developed when a professional athlete suggested Ren develop a similar item for athletes to use before and after workouts. If you ever have tired muscles after exercise, or want to improve your warm-up this review on OMG Goodies is for you!

My Thoughts about the BodyLog Muscle Massager:

Taking care of your muscles before and after a workout, especially a strenuous workout, is important. Without a good warm-up and cool-down, discomfort and injuries are more likely to happen. The BodyLog, like the FootLog, has flexible “fingers” to penetrate and massage into the nerve-endings of the tight and sore muscles. The BodyLog has 200 of these flexible “fingers” which you control by rolling the rolling-pin-style BodyLog on your muscles. Your muscles will let you know when they need a deeper or lighter touch – or need to be worked more.  I love that part.

I have used my BodyLog on my thighs, back, arms, and neck. It is easiest to use on thighs. Considering the thighs contain the largest muscles, they are, of course, regularly in need of a good muscle massage.  I know I need a good thigh massage after squats, hiking, and long walks, I would say after running, but I am not a runner. This muscle massager will have those thigh muscles happy in no time.

I know using the BodyLog on my neck seems different, but I can get some bad tension headaches. Running the BodyLog slowly up and down my neck has helped to relieve some of the tension and treat the headaches

The BodyLog has an overall length of 18 inches and will fit in a Standard duffle gym bag.  It is perfect to use whether you workout at home, in the gym, or on the road. You may not be an athlete, but that doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to have a great muscle massager. Sure, your’s may not be named Giorgio, but it will feel just as good!  It is perfect as a gift for anyone who exercises regularly. I enjoy using mine before and after my in-home workouts, whether they be on my elliptical or kickboxing with a video. If you have a loved one, don’t forget about the BodyLog this Christmas season!

Connect with FootLog:

To learn more about the BodyLog, or to purchase your own, visit their website or Amazon.

To read more about the FootLog Foot Massager – read the OMG Goodies Review!

OMG Goodies is excited to announce a BodyLog Muscle Massager for Athletes giveaway! Using the BodyLog will decrease your chance of injury and muscle pain during and after exercise!  The giveaway begins July 23rd at 12:00 AM EST and ends August 4th at 12:00 AM EST.  Enter Daily!  Don’t forget to enter the FootLog Foot Massager Giveaway which will run simultaneously with the BodyLog!  Do you have an athletic friend who would like this review and giveaway?  Share on Social Media below!

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