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Book Review: Landscape with Invisible Hand by M.T. Anderson

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M.T. Anderson’s newest book, Landscape with Invisible Hand, brings humor and satire alive. See what happens when earth happily welcomes an alien invasion.

Landscape with Invisible Hand

Candlewick Press publishes books from all genres and for all ages. Landscape with Invisible Hand, by M.T. Anderson, uses political and social class satire to help the reader consider whether they want to act or be acted upon. The book is scheduled for release in September 2017. OMG Goodies readers definitely want to know the in’s and out’s of this short, 149-page book.


What happens when earth’s leadership forgets the very essence of the phrase “There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch” and join the vuvv’s Interspecies Co-prosperity Alliance? People no longer have to work and the vuvv can heal all illnesses. However, Adam, a teenage artist, realizes what the leaders expected and reality are two very different things.

These boxy aliens first experienced earth in the 1940’s. They understand earthly love and beauty like no human could. Creating romantic shows with soda shops, hand-holding, and stolen kisses, Adam and Chloe find a way to help provide for their starving families. That is until love wanes; then they fake it.

Adam who finds himself in all kinds of difficult, yet somewhat humorous (in a sad kind of way), situations, decides his art will help him take a stand. It worked for many other artists and musicians. Will it work for him?

My Thoughts on Landscape with Invisible Hand:

Similar to George Orwell’s Animal Farm, Landscape with Invisible Hand, is overcast in political mayhem. Once again, a society is lured in by authoritarians with promises consisting of half-truths. Such books often prove to help students, both youth and adult, to better understand the dangers of complacency. With the right discussion, the same can happen with this story. In the end, Adam makes a choice.  Discussions of whether or not he made the right choice are imperative. I, personally, do not agree with his choice. Maybe you will.

Content Info for parents and teachers:

There is a large amount of swearing in this book. Though I recognize swearing is a part of society, I don’t feel the need to experience it quite so heavily. The words run the gamut. This may make reading such a book in a school setting more difficult.

Aside from the swearing, two brief sections bring up sexual improprieties. In the beginning of the book, a couple on lover’s lane is described as “grinding over the gearshift” and “mashing together”. Later, Adam thinks about why he had wanted  “to slide [his] hands up to those breasts”.

The rest of the book is fairly mild. Parents may feel the need to speak to their children about whether or not the invasion should have been stopped, and if so, how. Another talking point is how to recognize signs of authoritarianism and other such government forms. The story easily leads to discussions regarding attitude and choosing whether or not it is better to act or find yourself in a world where you are acted upon, an opportunity I suggest all parents take.

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