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Brain Builders Developmental Toys by People Toy Company

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Brain Builders Developmental Toys by People Toy Company provides your baby with toys for every stage of early life. The educational toys help each child to reach developmental milestones and have fun in the process.

Brain Builders Developmental Toys by People Toy Company

People Toy Company opened their doors in 1977 in Japan.  Now, their innovative toys are available in the United States of America and parents should take heed.  The Brain Builders line has several toys to help increase baby’s development while being safe and fun.  Introducing readers at OMG Goodies to great developmental toys brings great joy to me; I hope it brings you the same.

My Thoughts on Brain Builders Developmental Toys:

Quality toys always offer some way to help increase certain skills. A stuffed bear offers touch stimulation and comfort, while the dress up costume encourages imagination. We see the benefits for children as they get older but often miss the importance when babies are babies. Many times, we purchase developmental toys for babies because we think they are cute, but we fail to see the value in them.

Infants, however, become aware of their surroundings early in life, and it is our job, not only to soothe and comfort them but to also help them reach important developmental milestones along the way. Never discount the purpose of a well-designed rattle or a simple toy that appears to have no bells or whistles.  Of course, bells and whistles can be fun too!

The People Toy Company’s Brain Builders line offers toys for each developmental stage.  I love the three toys included in this review, and as luck would have it, they work perfectly together in moving from one stage to another!

The Never Drop Baby Chew is the rattle of every parent’s dreams.

Brain Builders Developmental Toys by People Toy Company

Never Drop Baby Chew ages 1 month +

It takes no time for that tiny bundle of joy you just brought home to react to the gentle sound of a rattle. The sound can stall crying, and in time, baby will turn their head to follow the sound. I always struggled with having to hold and shake the rattle when I had so many other things to do — including taking care of my other children. I’ll also never forget watching my babies grasp plastic toys only to drop them on their own heads.

The Never Drop Baby Chew gives parents the opportunity to hold the rattle or place it on the arm of their baby by using the attached scrunchy. This rattle will not fall off baby’s arm. As a baby grows, they can hold the rattle themselves, and as they work on learning to grasp, there is never any worry about being hit in the head with a hard toy. This developmental toy is soft!  Better yet, the two nubs on top of the rattle help soothe aching gums.

Parents can feel great about the baby developing their auditory, visual, and grip dexterities.

The Push and Pull UFO is a great toy for baby and other ages too!

Brain Builders Developmental Toys by People Toy Company

Push and Pull UFO ages 6 months +

Grasping and holding toys seems commonplace to babies by the time they are 6-months-old, and they begin to manipulate their toys using finer motor skills. This is the perfect time to introduce baby to the Push and Pull UFO.  The orange disk has four posts for your infant to practice pushing and pulling. The colorful posts extend through the toy and are shaped in a way to avoid any injury. As baby moves the posts, the toy makes a ratcheting sound, which creates interest and helps to continue auditory dexterity. The nickel-sized landing button on top also squeaks helping in the same way. Most importantly, the pushing and pulling motions increase your child’s fine motor skills that are so important when it comes to learning to hold a pencil, write, and even tie their shoes.

While this toy is marketed for infants, it easily lends itself as a fiddle toy for other ages, including adults. Sometimes fiddling with an item helps to calm nerves and increase concentration. The Push and Pull UFO can mimic the feel of clicking a pen without the worry or destroying the pen in the process. I find myself using it while watching TV, pushing/pulling various rhythms of songs along the way.

The Push and Pull UFO increases auditory functions and fine motor skills.

The Catch Me if You Can! Lion zooms around for fun all day!

Brain Builders Developmental Toys by People Toy Company

Catch Me if You Can! Lion ages 8 months +

This innovative drawstring toy brings more to the floor than you expect! The adorable Catch Me if You Can! Lion moves when the drawstring is pulled then lies in wait for baby to bat at his back.  Once patted on the back, the lion zooms away again and again until the string is fully retracted. What better way to promote crawling than to give your child a soft toy to chase! When the chase ends, the Catch Me if You Can! Lion keeps baby’s attention with a mane of felt and loops perfect for textile fun.

By 18 months, walking babies can pull the drawstring themselves and enjoy chasing this incredible developmental toy without the help of Mom or Dad!

The Catch Me if You Can! Lion increases large and small motor skills and independent play.

Connect with People Toy Company

People Toy Company began their baby toy making journey in Japan in 1977.  Their ability to design and manufacture innovative developmental toys adds a flavor to the toy market many have not seen before. The educational toys help babies to increase several developmental areas including touch, auditory, and visual concepts as well as both large and fine motor skills. Parents can feel good knowing the Brian Builders line provides quality toys that will last beyond one child or the next.

The People Toy Company staff is almost completely female including COO Kogure Masako and CEO Kiribuchi Chizuko.

Purchase your Brain Builders by visiting the People Toy Company or by clicking on the Amazon links below.

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