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Build and Break with Brik Buster a STEM Game

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First, build the tower then try to keep it standing as you knock it down piece by piece. This STEM game was designed by kids for kids.

Build and Break with Brik Buster a STEM Game

Strictly Briks brings the world of construction play to a whole new level. No longer are bricks intended to be used alone, now you can integrate other toys and play with them. The baseplates make the difference. The stackable plates allow kids to design vertically! In fact, they are so good as this, the game Brik Buster is included in OMG Goodies‘ 2017 Holiday Gift Guide.

My Thoughts about the STEM Game Brik Buster:

Remember sitting on the floor with your building blocks trying to build the best castle before knocking it down to the floor with a crash? I do. I loved building the castles, but a lot of the fun came in watching them fall to the ground, destroyed with one swift swipe of the hand.  Strictly Briks founder, Brian Semling’s kids, Sonja and Erik, must feel the same because they inspired the fun-filled game, Brik Buster!

Kids first use their mathematical and scientific knowledge to build an amazing tower. While building they automatically look for the strengths and weaknesses of the structure. Once the tower, or whatever structure they choose to build is finished, kids pick up the included plastic hammer and start knocking down the tower piece by piece. Yes, we want you to give your children a hammer. Don’t worry though, the tower will keep the hammer busy enough that your kids won’t think about striking anything else—not even each other!

Still Learning?

As your children play the game they learn more and more about structural weaknesses, where to place supports, and how to strike the briks with the hammer without knocking the tower down too fast. Unless that is, they decide demolition has purpose. It does. Demolition teaches kids how force acts on objects. Besides that, it makes kids laugh!

Once our game finished, my daughter took the briks and built several amazing structures, all of which she destroyed before I had the chance to take pictures. Is there a game that could be better than one with multiple purposes? Nope! Brik Buster allows kids to learn while enjoying free-play!

Encourage your Kids

Often times parents forget that kids learn through play in a way that even simple toys can teach. Brik Buster takes the idea of building and knocking down block castles, an activity all children seem to enjoy, and makes it into a STEM game. By encouraging our children to play with simple games and toys, we encourage learning. STEM never stood for Stringent Teaching Educates More, it stands for Science Technology Engineering Mathematics. Perhaps it could also stand for Superior Toys Educate Minds.

Superior toys often look like ordinary products, but they rarely are. Strictly Briks takes the idea of building blocks and bricks and returns imagination to the recipe. There are no instructions or plans, only simple tools that help kids to invent, create, and use science, technology, engineering, and mathematics while having fun!

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  1. Sam

    Of course they are ! You have to construct and that entails a lot of stem qualities

  2. Shane A

    I think they are educational to a point. At a younger age I think they may help exercise the creative parts of the brain.

  3. Stephanie Grant

    Yes, I think they are very educational!

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