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Hidden Rest Cabins with Spa and Fireplaces in Lakeside, AZ

Hidden Rest Cabins, in Lakeside, Arizona, are more than comfortable, they are private getaways from the heat or cold. Newly remodeled, five of the eleven cozy cabins have indoor Cal-Spas, and each cabin has a wood burning or electric fireplace with a kitchen or kitchenette.


My husband and I discovered Hidden Rest Cabins in 1999 when businesses didn’t have web pages. The following year we returned with our 9-month-old and stayed in the very same cabin — Cabin 2. Several years later we had our first, private indoor spa experience and found the cabins a little more worn and without many guests. This month we returned to mostly-updated cabins, where some are still in the process of being remodeled. OMG Goodies‘ readers, the White Mountain area is a hot travel destination in Arizona, and you do not want to stay just anywhere. Let me tell you about this hidden treasure right in the heart of Lakeside.

My Thoughts About Hidden Rest Cabins with Spas and Fireplaces:

Many of you know I grew up enjoying the Arizona scenery through camping and hiking. I adore the outdoors. I don’t necessarily feel the need to be active, but I want to see and enjoy trees, fresh air, and scenery without cement. 21+ years ago, when my husband suggested our honeymoon be in the White Mountains, I was elated!  I could not wait to visit Mt Baldy and maybe a lake or two. Years later, I still gravitate to these kinds of vacations. I’m OK with desert vacations, the desert is beautiful too, but no one wants to miss the October fall colors.

This trip my husband and I chose Cabin 9 as our home-away-from-home.  The remodel is not finished in cabin 9, but they are off to a great start. The exterior has a new coat of green paint, which happens to be my favorite color. The rustic porch, which is cut to include a tree growing through the foundation and roof, offers two beautiful chairs to sit in. They don’t just look nice, they are comfortable too!

Hidden Rest Cabins with Spas and Fireplaces in Lakeside, Arizona

The Livingroom:

We walked into a comfortable living area with a futon couch that becomes a bed, an extra twin bed, and an exquisitely wonderful two person spa (behind the couch). As in all Hidden Rest cabins, real wood paneling lines the walls and ceilings of the cabin. The panels are gorgeous and definitely add to the rustic decor inside. In this room, guests find an electric fireplace that can be heated or unheated. A large closet resides in the corner and contains extra blankets for guests. For those who want to unpack, a nice 6 drawer dresser and hangers are also found in the closet.

The Kitchen:

To the right of the door is the rest of the cabin.  A small kitchen includes a table with four chairs and a three-burner stove, sink, under-the-counter refrigerator, and a microwave.  I haven’t mentioned the best part yet, though. The kitchen includes pots, pans, mixing bowls, baking dishes, and all other necessary utensils to cook a great homemade meal.

The kitchens in the Hidden Rest Cabins often include the cutest and perfectly fitting kitchen appliance sets. Built as one, the stoves, sinks, and preparation areas are white metal.

The Bedroom:

Opposite of the kitchen, guests of Cabin 9 find a cozy bedroom with a memory foam queen-sized bed and rustic headboard. There is a clothing bar with hangers and a small shelf in one corner of the room as well.

 The Bathroom:

The shower has plenty of room to move while enjoying the two-setting, massage showerhead. There are three small, corner shelves where you can place your supplies. The Cabin 9 bathroom is on the schedule for a remodel within the next month. We’ll talk about those updates soon.

The Cal-Spa:

Hidden Rest Cabins with Spas and Fireplaces in Lakeside, Arizona

My mother may be the only person I know who doesn’t enjoy relaxing in a spa after a day on her feet. I enjoy a dip in a spa even when I’ve been relaxing all day. These spa jets keep the bubbles where you want them — on your feet and back, instead of hitting you in the jaw and chest.

The Remodel:

New exterior paint along with new lighting fixtures and towel racks adorn Cabin 9. The mattress has been replaced recently, and Oh! it is comfortable! Updates to the flooring and bathroom are expected to be finished within the next month.

Sneak Peak at some finished cabins:

Sneak peeks at new updates are always exciting; they sure were for me when I got to peek at cabins 2, 5, and 8.


You’ll notice the peel and stick linoleum tiles disappear and become stunning wood floors. I love the look of the wood floors; to me, it makes the cabin feel even more rustic. The wood flooring goes right up to the spas where it is sure to look and feel warmer to your feet than any cold vinyl.


Cabin 8 is the perfect flooring model. Just look at that beautiful wood floor! A tighter woven Berber replaces the 16-year-old+ white Berber. Don’t worry, it’s plenty soft!

Then come the bathrooms


Cabins 2 and 5 both have new bathrooms, and if you don’t love these showers as much as I do, well, then I simply have no words.

Cabin 2:

When my husband and I stayed in cabin 2 the bathroom had so much floor space we could fit our son’s pack-n-play in it.  In fact, we did! The problem was the shower was tiny and the shower head was quite low.

The shower has now been pushed out and has seating enough for two – if you want to share, that is. The large shower head with great settings only proves the wonders of this bathroom.


I haven’t even mentioned the vanity yet, it’s gorgeous! So much so, I wanted to pack it up and take it home with me.  A pack-n-play no longer fits in this remodeled cabin bathroom, but there is plenty of useful space for guests.

Cabin 5:

Cabin 5’s shower keeps its rustic look while looking absolutely amazing. In this bathroom, the best way to push the shower out for more room was to use wood paneling. I’d never before seen wood panels in a shower, but it is my absolute favorite now! The paneling is sealed so the water will not warp or destroy the wood; the water simply rolls down to the drain. Soon, Cabin 5 will not be the only cabin with wood showers, Cabin 9 and other cabins waiting for their bathroom remodels, will have them too!

Before and After Picture of Cabin 2:


Originally, headboards did not exist on any of the beds in the Hidden Rest Cabins. If you read at night, you know that makes adjusting your pillows quite difficult. Cabin 2 now has a queen-sized bed and a full pull-out couch, neither of which existed when we last stayed in the cabin with full and twin sized beds.  The difference is stunning!

Hidden Rest Outside the Cabin:

Step outside of any of these beautiful hidden treasures and find a playground area which includes a teeter-totter, volleyball net, and a dirt basketball court. There is also an enclosed fire area where guests can meet each other or enjoy a quiet evening alone under the stars. Guests can light the fire themselves. Each cabin also includes a charcoal grill and a picnic table. Unlike other cabin resorts in the area, Hidden Rest mirrors its name with the restful quiet we all want.

Area Attractions:

Restaurants and movie theaters are nearby as well as boutiques and antique shops.

In the surrounding areas lakes, creeks, and trails abound. Visitors to the area enjoy fishing, hiking,picnicking, and snow skiing. When the end of spring comes, Sunrise Ski Resort opens its lifts and other attractions for summer visitors to enjoy.


My husband and I enjoy walking the West Baldy Trail along the Little Colorado. There you find a beautiful, stocked creek for fishing along with spruce, fir, and aspen trees. There are meadows bordering the trail that has a relatively flat beginning that increases to switchbacks toward the end. The trail lends itself to both beginning hikers and more experienced hikers.

Connect with Hidden Rest Cabins:

Hidden Rest Cabins sit along SR 260 heading toward Sunrise Ski Resort (approximately 45 mins away). The woods surrounding the cabins are lush, but the lot is relatively small. They are bordered by businesses on two sides with the highway and a small residential road on the others. Visitors familiar with the Show Low/Pinetop/Lakeside area will know this is common. The cabins range is size from 260 sf to 520 sf. Each cabin has DirecTV and wifi available for guests at no additional cost.

Make your reservation by visiting the Hidden Rest Cabins online or by calling 928-368-6336.

Follow Hidden Rest Cabin on Facebook where you will see great pictures of the remodel and surrounding area!


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