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How to Change Someones Day with a Kindness Rock

Have you heard about the Kindness Rock Craze? Kindness Rocks are a few fad taking over the U.S. where you paint a rock and hide it for others to find.

How to Change Someones Day with a Kindness Rock

Here in Florida where I live, just about every person I know with kids is painting rocks. I was curious what this was all about, so I did some light investigating, and now, I am sharing my findings with our OMG Goodies family.

About Kindness Rock

So, what is all this about a painted rocks that are popping up everywhere? As a matter of fact, they are a kindness rock. In general, they are a simply painted rock. Some have inspirational quotes. Some have beautifully painted pictures. One of the beautiful things I find about these rocks is it shows compassion for others too.

How to Change Someones Day with a Kindness Rock

Think about how the crazy world we live in is. Now think about how you can change one person’s day. Can one rock bring an individual who is having a bad day some happiness? Quite simply, yes. One rock can make a person feel loved by a stranger. As a result, that person will smile and know the world is not so crazy after all.

When my daughters found their rocks on their bike ride, they were ecstatic. Now, I forsee me buying rocks so that we can return that feeling of happiness in someone else’s life.

Kindness Rocks are something simple that everyone can do. Making your rock takes no special skills or talents.

How to Change Someones Day with a Kindness Rock

How to make a Kindness Rock

First, head over to your local craft or home improvement store and purchase a bag of good size rocks. There is no particular size required. Second, grab some paint, and paint all your heart desires. You could do a memorial rock, or sunset, inspirational quote, or a nature scene. After painting them, I would recommend a good finishing spray to protect the paint. I mean, after all, these will most likely end up outside.

Last, you hide them.

Where to Find and Hide Kindness Rocks

Quite simply, you can find these beautiful rocks anywhere and everywhere at the same time. For instance, I have found them at the grocery store in the freezer section. In fact, my daughters found some on a bike trail near our home. Some find them in their local parks, or even at a local event.

How to Change Someones Day with a Kindness Rock

Many Facebook communities have groups for specific areas. Such as Volusia County Rocks. I would recommend that you find a local group near you. If there is no group, you can easily create one. If you join a group, you can post your rocks and tell where they are hidden. Someone may decide to go looking for yours. They may choose in turn, to replace it with a rock they have previously found or painted themselves.

How to Change Someones Day with a Kindness Rock

Have you found a Kindness Rock? How did it make you feel? Have you made your kindness rocks yet?

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