May 19

Circuit Scribe Kicks Off Again With a Drone and More on Kickstarter

Circuit Scribe opens their second Kickstarter campaign by adding a DIY wing, a calculator, and drone to their conductive silver ink circuits’ line. The other kits offered by Circuit Scribe are amazing and these are sure to be too!

Circuit Scribe Kickstarter

Circuit Scribe first appeared on OMG Goodies in November 2016. Then, we showcased an incredible 32 piece circuit kit called the Ultimate Circuit Scribe Kit, where the user uses special conductive silver ink to creatively design circuits. Today, OMG Goodies happily introduces the Circuit Scribe Kickstarter promotion.

My Thoughts on the Circuit Scribe Kickstarter Promotion:

If you read my review of the Ultimate Circuit Scribe Kit, you’ve learned that I intended to give the kit to one of my children as a Christmas gift, but instead gave it to my husband. The incredible kit easily connects with his Arduino or Raspberry PI to run all sorts of fun projects. It remains disappointment-free in our home. Obviously, my excitement about the new Circuit Scribe Kickstarter campaign makes sense!

For as little as an $8 backer’s donation, you can receive the DIY Litewing Kit. Lite wings flutter and fly as the beginnings of a helicopter and with this simple kit young children can learn about how circuits work while building their very own flying wing!

A $20 backer’s donation sends you a fun DIY Calculator Kit. Kids and adults can build their very own working calculator with this incredible kit. Once finished, the calculator is touch sensitive just like your touchscreen devices!

Perhaps my favorite, the DIY Drone Circuit Scribe Kit comes with a backer’s donation of $40. My son loves to build airplanes and drones. Giving him another option brings me great pleasure. The kit comes with motors, propellers, and cardboard wings. The best thing about cardboard wings is that they are easily replaced when they break, simply keep a drawn template to cut out new ones as needed!

You’ll find the backer’s options don’t end with these three items. There are three more that combine these kits and others from the Circuit Scribe line. The $1500 option is perfect for a classroom! I know my kids would love to work with Circuit Scribe at school!


Circuit Scribe Kickstarter

Circuit Scribe also offers the new platform Sketch for those who are looking for inspiration.  Maybe, you’d rather share some! The site offers the ability to upload your ideas and the instructions to make them work! Give it a look and discover all the wonderful ways Circuit Scribe circuits can be used!

Connect with Circuit Scribe:

Visit Circuit Scribe on Kickstarter and reserve a DIY kit today!

Check out all the wonderful kits available now on the Circuit Scribe website.

Visit Sketch to see what other Circuit Scribe users are creating, don’t forget to upload your own ideas!

Follow Circuit Scribe on social media:



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