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How Cirque Italia the Water Circus changing the Circus World

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If you and your family love going to the circus, then you should look to see when Cirque Italia the water circus is coming to a city near you.

Cirque Italia the Water Circus

When I found out that I was chosen to attend Cirque Italia in Jacksonville, Florida this past weekend, I was ecstatic. Not only for myself but you too, our OMG Goodies family.


Our Arrival at Cirque Italia the Water Circus

Sadly, I arrived a little later than I was hoping. Yet, I was determined to make it to Jacksonville to see Cirque Italia the water circus; nothing was going to stop me. And that is just what I did; I made it just a few minutes late. As I was walking up to the ticket booth, the excitement hit me. I could hear the opening act, and it felt as if it took forever to get inside. Literally, it was like two minutes, but I felt like a kid on Christmas morning, waiting to open my presents.

Cirque Italia the water circus

Walking in

The smell of the popcorn hit me as soon as we walked into the tent. Taking me back to when I was a child seeing a traditional circus. The one thing I did not get was the feeling of fear. As a kid, I was always afraid of the animals in the traditional circuses. As a kid, the local traveling circus had an elephant go on a rampage. Luckily, I was not there for that, but it still sticks in my head.

I also see and smell the other food options, the light up toys, and the face painting tables for the kids. I was pleasantly surprised, at how much room there was here. Also, I immediately scoped out the layout of the tent and found the restrooms, so during intermission, I could take advantage of them after traveling for over two hours.

Cirque Italia the water circus

The Show

From the moment that I got into the main tent, I was almost mesmerized. First, I noticed that the music was not loud and overbearing. In fact, It was delightful and not distracting from the show. Second, I saw the lighting was perfect. The third thing I noticed was the water arena. There was no musky water smell, and the water was well contained in performing area. Honestly, I was concerned with the water situation. I was with one of my girlfriends and her mom, and my mother-in-law. Considering the ages of our older generation, it was a concern in my mind. Luckily, my fears were dismissed as soon as I saw how Cirque Italia the water circus was layed out.

Cirque Italia the water circus

The Performers

One word could never wholly describe how well-trained, talented and fearless the performers that Cirque Italia the water circus employs. I consider myself pretty brave, but I could never in a million years imagine being able to even attempt any of these acts.

Even though I loved all the acts, one of my favorites may have to be the roller skaters. There was a group of five roller skaters, who skated on a small platform above the water. They did spins, and lifts and twirls, that had me on the edge of my seat.

Cirque Italia the water circus

Another favorite was a gentleman who had a body like a contortionist. That man bent his body in ways that I had never seen before, nor imagined the human body could do.

Cirque Italia the water circusCirque Italia the water circus

I loved all of the performers, but the two above stick into my memory, the most. Well, that is beside the gentleman who juggled and danced in between each performance. They were so funny and entertaining that the audience did not even notice that the stagehands were preparing for the next act.


Another fun factor that Cirque Italia has taken into consideration was making the break long enough. We had plenty of time to purchase a drink, some popcorn, and even use the restroom. The restrooms provided are the trailer port of potty style, which was nice. There was running water and plenty of room to wash our hands.

Also on the stage during intermission, was when the dinosaurs came out. Families could take their children up on the stage and have their pictures taken with a T-Rex! I am sure that the families who purchased this photo, will always cherish their photo and memories created that night.

Cirque Italia the water circus

Overall experience

Overall, our entire experience was completely wonderful. I would highly recommend to everyone to go and see Cirque Italia the water circus. There was not one part that I did not love. The staff was amazing and helpful, the performers were beautiful. The staff was also very attentive to the entire arena. Due to the fact that I had a Press Pass, I could take pictures throughout the entire performance. There was a gentleman in the row in front of us taking video, and the staff noticed and kindly asked him to stop. It was posted everywhere no videos and no photographs.

Also, I really loved that at the end, they had all the performers come out wearing a sash from their native country. I remember seeing Portugal, Italia, and Cuba off the top of my head.

Cirque Italia the water circus

Future Scheduled Shows

According to Cirque Italia here are their future shows in Florida and Texas

Florida Gold Tour

Tallahassee FL – March 22-March 25

Panama City, FL – March 29-April 1

Mary Ester, FL – April 5-April 8

Pensacola, FL – April 12-April 15

Texas Silver Tour

Grapevine TX – March 23-April 1

Denton TX – April 5-April 8

Wichita Falls TX – April 12-April 15

Follow Cirque Italia the Water Circus, so you know when they are near you!

Twitter: @CirqueItalia  

Instagram: @cirqueitaliashow  

Facebook: @cirque.italia

Cirque Italia the water circus


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    It has been so long since we were in Las Vegas. Our girls were in elementary school and our son 1 year old. He is now 35 and the girls in their 40”s with their own families. At the time, Circus, Circus was the only place that had something the kids could enjoy the circus acts in the center of the club. None of the big name, spectacular casinos were there. It is a different world now from what can be considered a rather quiet, subdued town by comparison. It would be nice to go beck with just my husband. Aside from the new development, it would be much different with out our 3 children, my 10 year old nephew, and my elderly aunt. (It was an interesting trip.)

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