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Collector’s Items: Whiffer Sniffers Series 5 Go to School

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Meet the latest Collector’s Items. Series 5 of the Whiffer Sniffers is making a hit at schools nationwide this fall and your kids won’t want to miss out!

Collector's Items Whiffer Sniffers Series 5 Go to School

Whiffer Sniffers come to us from the Bearington Collection. The 2017 Fall Collection is the 5th series of the low-priced collector’s items. Each scented plush is reminiscent of Scratch-n-Sniff Stickers but cuter! Better yet, their fabulous fragrances last longer. I reviewed the Spring 2017 Collection on OMG Goodies and couldn’t be happier to introduce the 2017 Fall Collection to you now!

Don’t miss Whiffer Sniffer Hall O. Ween, who is only available for Halloween!

Collector's Items Whiffer Sniffers

My Thoughts About  the newest Cuddly Collector’s Items:

Everyone loves cute plush toys, especially if the price is low, they travel well to school, and they smell fantastic! That’s why Brad and Jamie took the time to design the perfect cuddly collector’s items, Whiffer Sniffers. Each plush character is about the size of an apple and comes ready to hang with your kids at school. Where do they hang? On backpacks, of course!

Priced with kids and trading in mind, these characters are packed full of character! Hall O. Ween and Ed Nog are only two of my kids’ favorites. In fact, when I announced that I would be reviewing series 5, my girls went searching my house for the box of goods. Sadly, they had to wait for the package to arrive and for Mom to take pictures. Now they are rocking their new Whiffer Sniffers on their backpacks waiting to thrill their friends with their latest finds! Both of my daughters told me several students look forward to seeing what new sniffers are out. They are so excited, my girls now request the collectibles to give to friends as gifts. It’s hard to say no when the simple plushes cost less than $7.00 a piece!

Series 5 Contains Five Main Characters:

Rudy B. Floats, Strawberry Twirl, Cheri Cherry, Marty McPie and Perry are the main 2017 Fall Collection, but there are so many more! Three of those five have a sniffer switch. That means they come with variations making them super rare finds! If you find a Rudy B. Floats with a blue straw, you’ll want to hold on to him!

Collector's Items Whiffer Sniffers

Hall O. Ween and Ed Nog are only available at certain times (Halloween and Christmas). You’ll want to snatch them up!

Then come the two mystery packs. Purchase a mystery pack 10 and you might find Ben Toasted or his super rare sniffer mix sister, Berry Toasted. Mystery pack 11 might contain Mr. Fudgentop or his super rare sniffer mix brother, Mr. Gooeytop.

Kids adore these super-fun collectibles and it only gets more exciting when the trading begins, and it has begun! According to the press release I received, stores report kids lining up along sidewalks to purchase their Whiffer Sniffers. The Gooseberry Frozen Yogurt Shop in Corinth, MI, even opened their doors with a life-sized promotional May B. Minty!

Spend some time reminiscing about the days you and your friends traded Scratch-n-Sniff Stickers or Garbage Pail Kids, and then introduce them to Whiffer Sniffers—if you haven’t already! You won’t be sorry.

Connect with Whiffer Sniffers Collector’s Items:

Many Whiffer Sniffers have trading cards and Scratch-n-Sniff Stickers available. Super Sniffers come with a slightly larger price tag but remain under $20. The 7″ plushes make any bedroom smell sweet—what a great idea for Christmas and birthdays!

Visit the Whiffer Sniffers website or Amazon to purchase your 2017 Fall Collection Whiffer Sniffers and more!

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