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Explore the Comfort You Get with Empyrean Microfiber Sheets

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Empyrean Microfiber Sheets help the most restless of sleepers get a good night’s sleep with durable, yet soft, breathable fabric that will stay on the bed.

empyrean bedding microfiber sheets

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Without a good night’s sleep, we drag through the day and with consistently bad sleep our heath deteriorates. Empyrean Bedding understands that our sheets can affect our comfort level and our overall sleep quality. That’s why they offer quality brushed microfiber sheets that glide over your skin while protecting you from allergens. Our readers at OMG Goodies are sure to love this review!

My Thoughts about Empyrean Microfiber Sheets:

I finally filled my husband in: Not all sheets are created equal. It was time. The 200-thread count cotton sheets we regularly purchased were no longer cutting it. The night came when we placed the freshly washed sheets on our bed just in time for me to climb onto mini balls of what felt like sandpaper. Memories of similar sheets when I was a kid came to my mind. Then, I slept on top of my comforter with another blanket to avoid the sheet. My husband seemed unlikely to approve of that particular idea.

“I’m ready to buy better quality sheets.”


“These have little cotton balls that are very uncomfortable.”


“You understand I mean a different kind that will cost more right?  Like $30+?”

“Wait, $30?”

“Yes.  We can afford it and I can’t sleep on these cheap sheets anymore.”


“I’m serious, I’m going to buy them.”


I pushed my legs down onto the sandpaper-like cotton and tried to dream of sheets that would glide over my skin instead of scratch it.

The very day I determined to shop for sheets, I received the offer to review The Empyrean Bedding Sheets. There are definite benefits to blogging! Telling my husband that I received just what I was looking for for the cost of a few hours of time was pretty great too!

Hmm! That feels good!

Though sleeping on cheap sheets at home has been my luck for most of our marriage, sleeping on nice sheets at resorts happens often enough that I can recognize exceptional quality. I pulled our new microfiber sheets out of the packaging and the minute my hand touched the fabric, I wanted to climb into my bed and feel the fabric glide across my entire body.  Soft does not quite describe what I was feeling. I placed the sheets on the bed and climbed in.

I live barely south of Phoenix, in the desert — where it’s hot. My bedroom faces south, toward the afternoon sun. The thermostat lives in the hallway against the stairs where the downstairs air often pushes into the upstairs hallway. My bedroom is hot. We cool it down at night, but most nights I’m a bit on the tepid side. This night was no different.

The sheets, those wonderfully soft, perfectly incredible sheets, they were different. Light as a feather, they glided over my skin with an almost cooling sensation. They were perfect. My husband walked in and asked if I liked them. I uttered, “Hmmm, that feels good!” Even now, I dream of lying between them again.

The corner next to my head stayed put, too. In fact, it’s stayed put for a week now. Truly, a bedroom sheet miracle in my house. Of course, I know the reason the corners stay in place is because of the elastic super fit comfort straps and the deep pocket fit. Our bed requires both.

Microfiber Sheets:

Microfiber is an amazing split fiber. Though it can be made from most fibers, generally polyester is chosen. Obviously, the fibers are very, very tiny. The fibers’ strength, however, is very, very big, which makes them durable. How the fine fibers are woven determines the best use for them. For instance, a microfiber bath towel absorbs plenty of water, but it also keeps things on the warm side.

The tight weave of the Empyrean Bedding sheets makes even finding a single thread difficult. Yet, the way they are woven keeps the sheets breathable. In fact, I intend to use these sheets throughout the summer. I may even need a few more sets.

Purchase your Empyrean Bedding Microfiber Sheets on Amazon!

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  1. Sue E

    Not getting up to fix the sheets in the middle of the night also means a good night sleep!
    Hooray for straps to hold sheets in place!

  2. Sue E

    Lying down on these soft comfy sheets after a nice hot shower sounds truly relaxing!

  3. Sue E

    I ordered a couple of swatches. They are soft and pretty colors – just like the reviews state!

  4. Crystal Crouch

    I want sheets that look like this background lol so gorg!

  5. Sue E

    Sheets that are not only soft and comfy, but very pretty!
    I love the colors!

  6. Wanda Tracey

    I love soft sheets like these and find they help me to get a much better sleep.

  7. Sue E

    I just don’t know how much more I can say about these sheets.
    Except to buy them and experience the comfort for yourselves!

  8. Sondra Uselton

    These sheets really do sound like they are soft and comfortable. I am going to order a set.

  9. nancy fiorenza

    they are fantastic sheets I love them so easy to keep the fitted sheet on my bed

  10. Sue E

    These sheets remind me of an old SNUGGLES commercial where the Snuggles Bear falls on some fresh clean laundry. The laundry is so soft that the Bear bounces up and down on it like it’s a fluffy cloud! Now that’s comfortable!!

  11. Cami Valenzuela

    Love those sheets. So soft.

  12. Theresa Smith

    I don’t get much sleep but when I do I love nice soft sheets that stay on the bed they way they should. These look great!

  13. Sue E

    I love clean, cool, soft. fresh smelling sheets to sleep on! These sheets sound like they fit the bill! Thank you for sharing!

  14. Rebecca McClure

    I imagine them feeling like a cloud.

  15. Sohair

    These look super nice

  16. carol clark

    i sure would love to lay on these and dream away on a beach but love the review

  17. Meg Tucker

    Don’t you just love their sheets? I know I do!

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