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4 Reasons to Build a Dog Park in Your Neighborhood

4 Reasons to Build a Dog Park in Your Neighborhood

Dogs have been our companions for the longest time. They were the first animals to be domesticated, and have become essential family members for many. Recent studies suggest that more than one-third of the total households in the United States have at least one dog in their house.

Thus, recreation and community departments are considering building more and more dog parks, to increase facilities for the four-legged friend. With the right dog park equipment, it does become a win-win situation for all.

The Top 4 Reasons You Will Love a Dog Park in Your Neighborhood If dog parks are becoming a reality, what can be the benefits of having on one around your house?

1. Emphasises on Community Building
Dog parks can be great places for pet parents to meet and build a community. When people come together with their pets, make them exercise and help them build social skills, it altogether boosts the atmosphere to make it friendlier. Along with pets getting along, the people accompanying them also
start a kind of social group or community. Conversations become fluent, and the whole neighbourhood tends to know one another. You can easily find dog lovers who come here daily and have the same interests as you. That may be the best way to make friends in actuality!

2. Establishes a Dog-friendly Space and Network
There might be many newly shifted neighbours, who tend to feel hesitant in asking about some basic places they wish to visit. For example, some new homebuyers might want to know about the places they can get their dog groomed or a recommendation for a good vet, but because without such parks, there are hardly any places where two different dog owners could meet; they possibly remain puzzled forever.
For them, dog parks will be a blessing in disguise!

3. Fresh Environment
When you have a dog park in your neighbourhood, you will have a great, serene place to visit in the morning and evening along with catching on fresh air now and then. It can be a brilliant way to cool your mind and take a break from your otherwise hectic schedule. Just walk down to the park and be welcomed by greenery and cute, fluffy friends who will surely make you smile after a long day at work.

4. Building a No-leash Zone for the Dogs

  1. After all, dogs are animals. We might domesticate them and include them into our families; we shouldn’t stop them from running freely or leash them all the time. Having a dog park nearby will create a space for all these furry friends to run unleashed and give them their much-required freedom. If you don’t let them out often and keep them ties all day, they are most likely to bark unreasonably and even bite people out of frustration. Having a dog park in your neighborhood is sure to cheer everyone up. Let’s face it – who doesn’t want to take a stroll there in the evenings to watch all those cute four legged pals?

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