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Draw your own Circuits with The Ultimate Circuit Scribe Kit

Learn more about how circuits work by drawing your own with conductive silver ink and The Ultimate Circuit Scribe Kit.

Draw your own Circuits with the Ultimate Circuit Scribe Kit

The Circuit Scribe company manufactures and sells incredible circuit kits. The idea began as grad student research and hit the ground running once the Kickstarter campaign helped fund this innovative company. This unique Ultimate Circuit Scribe Kit is unlike any other found on the market. Creativity, innovation, and art come together when you draw a circuit on paper. Sharing such a wonderful product on OMG Goodies gives me great pleasure.

My Thoughts on Drawing my own Circuits with The Ultimate Circuit Scribe Kit:

I’ve always enjoyed science and I always liked coming up unique science fair projects. Dad always suggested I make and test a potato circuit. While I never did that particular project, choosing instead to test the flammability of different fabrics and the strength of different adobe bricks, the idea of a potato circuit was always interesting. 30 years changes a lot when it comes to scientific innovation and while the potato circuit remains a classic, drawing a circuit in ink is the newest innovation on the market.  Now kids and adults can enjoy drawing circuits and creating new ways to play with electricity!

Draw circuits using a conductive silver ink, which is included with the Circuit Scribe kits, brings unparalleled innovation into the home. Most circuit kits come with a board where pieces snap together or are wired together. They are great kits, and my family owns more than one; however, none of them allow the user to draw their very own line or graphic for the electricity to flow through —with Circuit Scribe you can.

Users of Circuit Scribe learn how circuits work and about the components included in the kit as they read the included workbook. The Ultimate Kit includes 32 pieces that range from the battery connector to output connectors with LED lights, input connectors with switches, transistors, to others like the motor and the NPN transistor that can amplify current (such as those used by amateur radio operators but in miniature). The workbook, with 25 circuit lessons and lots of empty pages to doodle your very own circuits, includes easy-to-understand instructions. An included steel plate helps hold the connectors in place on the paper, but circuits work without the plate too.

Watch the video of a circuit I made with help from Circuit Scribe:

My 14-year-old son immediately focused on this incredible kit which was once intended as a gift to my 10-year-old daughter. He truly loves science and couldn’t wait to look through the kit and show me how to create various circuits.  The increasing glow found in his eye told me this is one product tweens and teens can love.  However, I decided this amazing circuit kit would not make an appearance under the Christmas tree for any of my kids. No, once I realized the possibilities available to users, The Ultimate Circuit Scribe Kit became a gift for my husband!

The Possibilities are Endless:

The word “Arduino” caught my attention when I first heard of Circuit Scribe.  Arduino is similar to Raspberry Pi.  Basically mini computers, they can both be programmed to perform all kinds of tasks. My son uses his Pi as a computer in order to run Minecraft.  Friends have hooked up Arduinos as nanny cams.  Watch TED talks, and you’ll quickly see how these mini computers can do quite a bit with the right components. The Ultimate Circuit Scribe Kit includes components that are compatible with any programmable hardware platform. In short, that means Circuit Scribe is compatible with Arduino and Raspberry Pi.

All of this means you can draw a circuit on an index card and file it away for reuse. If you do this, the Arduino or Pi becomes capable of performing several different tasks instead of only being a nanny cam or running a mini fan. When you want to use the Pi for a project, you simply pull out the circuit scribe card you have previously drawn for that task. Because the Circuit Scribe connectors simply sit on the silver ink, the entire process only takes seconds!

Once you understand how circuits work, the possibilities are absolutely endless! This makes the Circuit Scribe Ultimate Kit a great gift for anyone!

Connect with Circuit Scribe:

Circuit Scribe has several kits to choose from including the Mini Kit, perfect as a stocking stuffer. Be sure to read our short Mini Kit review!

The Circuit Scribe kits help involve kids and adults in STEM and STREAM (R is for Robotics) activities.

To purchase your own Ultimate Circuit Scribe Kit or another Circuit Scribe product, visit their website. Don’t forget to enter OMG15 to receive 15% off of your purchase through Christmas, 2016!

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