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DRI Sleeper DRI Eclipse Bedwetting Alarm

The Anzacare DRI Sleeper® Wireless DRI Eclipse™ Bedwetting Alarm will help your child be accident-free, and have everyone sleeping easy in no time.

DRI Sleeper DRI Eclipse Bedwetting Alarm

Anzacare DRI Sleeper® offers two models of bedwetting alarms. The DRI Eclipse™ is not only the world-leading bedwetting alarm, it is simple to use for parents and children alike. My daughter and I both loved how easy it is to use and how effective the DRI Eclipse is.  I am thrilled to share our incredible experience with you on OMG Goodies!

My Thoughts about the DRI Sleeper® Wireless DRI Eclipse™ Bedwetting Alarm:

My daughter wet the bed practically every night for 11+ years. There were a few dry nights, but not many. We tried without pull ups and spent morning after morning washing bedding.  We’ve limited drinks, and we’ve woken her up at all hours of the night. None of those things worked.  Knowing my family and my husband’s family both had a history of bedwetting, I didn’t start to worry about it until she was nine years old.  Bedwetting is most often hereditary and can be seen in children whose parents did not struggle, but whose siblings may have.

At nine years old, I took my daughter to the doctor who told me she wasn’t concerned yet because of her history.  She also felt my daughter was not ready for a bedwetting alarm. Two years later, she did an examination to rule out any other problems that could cause bedwetting, and told me the first thing I should try was a bedwetting alarm. The doctor felt it would be effective for my daughter.

Now it was my turn.  I had to find a bedwetting alarm. The DRI Sleeper® DRI Eclipse™ was my first choice. When I read through information, it appeared to be well-tested, and have wonderful technology backing it up. There are less expensive bedwetting alarms on the market, but why try several when you can try one!

DRI Sleeper™ was kind enough to send me the DRI Eclipse™ for review purposes.  I spoke with a DRI Sleeper™ representative and went through ways to help the my daughter get more out of the product. This is a service offered to all DRI Sleeper customers!  They are there to help their alarms be successful for you!  For the first 3 nights I had my daughter lay in bed with the lights off.  I would manually trigger the alarm and she would then get up, shut off the alarm, and use the restroom.  We also spent some time having her imagine she had to go to the bathroom, thinking in pictures or words, or even colors, and having her get up to use the restroom.  Kegels were introduced to my daughter so she would know how to wake up and immediately stop the stream and make it to the bathroom.

The DRI Eclipse™ bedwetting alarm is wireless. It has the sensor which is placed either in a pull-up or in underwear. The wireless alarm sits next to the bed on a table or dresser.  We set ours on the dresser.

We used the sensor in pull-ups for the first 4 weeks.  When you use pull-ups you have to be sure to not use a kind with gel absorption. I was happily surprised to realize the brand I had on hand did not have gel, but instead uses a wood cellulose. We cut a hole into the pull-ups where the urethra would be able to drip on the sensor and wrapped the DRI Eclipse™ sensor in toilet paper to make sure moisture could easily reach the DRI Eclipse.  In the first 2 weeks, my daughter had 3 accidents. They occurred on the 2nd, 4th and 13th day of use. Remember she had been having accidents every night!  I was thrilled!  I could finally see the end coming.  I wasn’t going to have to worry about her embarrassment around friends and family.

I wanted her to be dry for 2 weeks in the pull-ups before switching her to underwear.  DRI Sleeper® states it takes at least 2 weeks of dry nights for the bedwetting habit to break. I know wearing a pull-up feels a lot different than wearing underwear, so I determined it would be best if she used the bedwetting alarm for 2 dry weeks in her underwear after being dry for 2 weeks in the pull-ups. For underwear use, we used a small pad and used the same process we did with the pull-ups.  It was comfortable for her. When I mentioned another method would be to wear two pairs of underwear with the sensor in between, she chose to continue with the pad. This time, as she approached the week and a half mark, she had her one and only accident in the underwear. We continued for an additional 2 weeks with the alarm and have monitored her for a while to see if the training would stick.

I am proud to say she has not had an accident in more than a month!  She wakes herself up most nights and uses the restroom without any help from an alarm or me.  She is a definite success story!

The DRI Sleeper® Wireless DRI Eclipse™ Bedwetting Alarm was comfortable for my daughter. While I was never wakened by the alarm, it was loud enough to wake her up so she could do what she needed to do. She never had an accident where moisture reached more than the toilet paper-wrapped sensor. Not having to use tons of pull-ups or worry about extra laundry was a big plus for me. The sensor was easy enough for her to wash and dry by herself. When she needed help placing it back into the pull-up or pad, she came in and woke me up. Had she chosen to use 2 sets of underwear, I am certain she would not have had to come to me –

The DRI Eclipse™ has no metal parts and is a sealed unit.  It cannot be corroded by urine or water. The alarm is set at the resonant frequency of the ear.  The resonant frequency of any item, is the frequency it easily vibrates at itself. Our ears will hear the frequency over all others. This is important in a Bedwetting alarm. The vibration caused by the frequency is easily separated from other distractions by the brain and tells the body to wake up! The unit is designed without wires for comfort, but also to require the child to get out of bed and shut the alarm off! The sensor can work with up to 2 alarms at a time.  A 2nd can be ordered for the parent’s room too! This doctor recommended alarm will work wonders!  I never expected it to be so easy!

Once you have checked with your pediatrician and had other causes ruled out, I would emphatically recommend the DRI Sleeper® Wireless DRI Eclipse Bedwetting Alarm to any parent with a child needing extra night training.  It worked wonders for us, and it can work wonders for you!

Connect with DRI Sleeper®:

To learn more about the DRI Eclipse Wireless Bedwetting Alarm, or to purchase your own, visit DRI Sleeper’s website or Amazon!

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OMG Goodies is proud to announce a DRI Sleeper® DRI Eclipse™ Sweepstakes! This sweepstakes is open to everyone.  Not everyone has need of a bedwetting alarm, but everyone knows someone who does, even if you are not aware they do!  Please share this Sweepstakes on Social Media below in order to help another family like mine! The DRI Eclipse will make night training a breeze!  No one with a child ready to be night trained will want to miss this extraordinary sweepstakes! The sweepstakes will begin September 10th at 12:00AM EST and will end September 21th at 12:00 AM EST. Enter daily.

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  1. Jennifer

    I just got a prescription for a bedwetting alarm from my step son’s pediatrician. After reading this review, strongly considering Dri sleeper! It gave me considerable hope to see that this worked for Kameo’s daughter, and will work for my little love too!

  2. Jennifer Scheldberg

    I’m really impressed with all the success stories. It seems to help kids of all age ranges.

  3. Jennifer M.

    My 8 year old stepson struggles with bedwetting, on a NIGHTLY basis. He is at the age where he is getting embarrassed about it, especially when he gets invited to a sleep over at a family members’ or friend’s house. After reading this review, I really think that this is going to be our next step. Honestly, it’s not too steep in price if you think of the cost of pull-ups/Goodnights and washing and/or replacing bedding and jammies on a continual basis. Like Kameo, we have too tried EVERYTHING; cutting off liquids, waking him up in the middle of the night in hopes we caught him before he had an accident, sticker charts, EVERYTHING. This would be a
    God- Send to win this game-changing device. Thanks for your awesome review, it will be a game changer in our home to accomplishing this parenting hurdle!

    1. Kameo Monson

      I truly loved this alarm, and I am certain it will work very well for your son!

  4. Deb E

    I put my answers on the form but really enjoyed the review and had no idea how these worked, so thanks!

    1. Kameo Monson

      Thanks, Deb!

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