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Duo-Scope Starter Kit: A Microscope for All Ages

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The Duo-Scope Starter Kit from My First Lab comes with plenty of microscope power for you and your family to enjoy. Look at the world around you with a 10x eyepiece and 4x, 10x, 40x objective lenses.

Duo-Scope Starter Kit Microscope

My First Lab keeps science and technology in the forefront with phenomenal microscopes and microscope kits. The Duo-Scope Starter Kit comes with everything you need to start experiencing the world around you from a different point of view. Enlarge your perspective by reading the OMG Goodies review found in the 2017 Holiday Gift Guide!

My Thoughts on the Duo-Scope Microscope Starter Kit:

I was probably eight or nine when I received a microscope for Christmas. I used to sit in my bedroom and examine the included slides while attempting to make some of my own. The red science master screamed “play with me” often, so my desire to find the perfectly priced microscope for my children made sense.  Receiving an affordable one for review only made my excitement grow.

The Duo-Scope Starter Kit from My First Lab may seem a little less durable than you want, but the durable plastic promises to hold up under pressure! With a price tag less than $30, the worry factor can take a bit of a breather too. It may be small, but this microscope has a strong right-hook.

When I finally gave the go-ahead my children flocked to the scope and began their study of the three prepared slides: onion skin, frog blood, and wool. My 15-yr-old son was quick to correct me every time I mentioned the 4x, 10x, or 40x objectives. “Mom, the 10x eyepiece means you see it at 40x, 100x, or 400x bigger.” Like me, being a teenager did not magically make microscopes boring, little kid toys.  He liked it so much it was hard for my other children, including my 17-yr-old son, who was also interested, to wrestle it away from him.

The duo in duo-scope

Duo-Scope Starter Kit Microscope

The easy-to-use microscope comes with two lights. This makes it so you can look at both thin specimens, like the onion skin, and solid objects, like a penny.

Duo-Scope Starter Kit Microscope

The upper light shines down on the solid objects. The only difficulty comes when trying to use the 40x objective. The experiment guide points out the scope is so close to the subject matter that it blocks the light.  My daughter noticed the green on the penny first. I suddenly remembered that microscopes often invert images when I realized the writing on the penny was backward.

Duo-Scope Starter Kit Microscope

The lower light works beautifully with all of the objective lenses. My 6th-grader received her first lesson on plant cells when she wondered why the onion skin has rectangles. I enjoyed looking at the cells in the frog blood sample and wondered if human blood looks similar.

What The Duo-Scope Starter Kit Comes With:

This kit doesn’t isn’t stingy with supplies. Not only do you get a great microscope with double abilities, you also get several other items.

Duo-Scope Starter Kit Microscope

  • Magnifying glass
  • Plastic transfer pipet
  • Graduated cylinder
  • Specimen slicer
  • 3 prepared slides
  • 8 blank slides
  • 8 cover strips
  • 8 slide labels
  • Plastic forceps
  • Brine Shrimp egg specimen vial
  • Yeast specimen vial
  • 3 specimen vials
  • Hatchery
  • Experiment guide

Just as I was, my children are very excited to hatch Brine Shrimp. This time, we have better instructions. Upon reading the experiment guide we found the shrimp do best when hatched at temperatures between 70 and 75 degrees. We still have a couple of weeks before our house is that cool. We agreed to wait (somewhat impatiently) before seeing if we can hatch some shrimp for gazing.

At one point, I scratched my leg and rushed to get a slide made.  Sadly, before I had a chance to look at it, my son had washed away my sample. Luckily, I scratch myself regularly, so I doubt it will be long before I can try again.

Never Gets Old:

Microscopes allow us to look at the mundane in a whole new way. A dull penny becomes full of life when you can see the copper close up. With the Duo-scope Starter Kit nothing becomes impossible. Fabrics, tiny shrimp, coins, rocks and all kinds of specimens show what the world around you has to offer. Kids ask questions and want to see more each time they look at a new specimen. This kit is exactly what I wanted for my kids, and for less $30, I could even buy a second!

Connect with My First Lab:

Purchase your Duo-Scope Starter Kit on the My First Lab website or on Amazon.

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